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The Book of Job

From the Hebrew Job means “hated and oppressed”


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Chapter 12

      So Job answered, and said: Then ( no doubt ) ye are the men alone, and wisdom shall perish with you. But I have understanding as well as yee, and am no less than yee. Yee, who knoweth not these things? Thus he that calleth upon God, and whom God heareth, is mocked of his neighbor: the godly and innocent man is laughed to scorn. Godliness is a light despised in the hearts of the rich, and is set for them to stumble upon. The houses of robbers are in wealth and prosperity, and they that maliciously meddle against God, dwell without care: yee God giveth all things richly with his hand.
      Ask the cattle, and they inform thee: the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee: Speak to the earth, and it shall show thee: Or to the fishes of the sea, and they shall certify thee. What is he, but he knoweth that the hand of the Lord made all these? In whose hand is the soul of every living thing, and the breath of all men. Have not the ears pleasure in hearing, and the mouth in tasting the thing that it eateth? Among old persons there is wisdom, and among the aged is understanding. Yee with God is wisdom and strength, it is he that hath counsel and fore knowledge. If he break down a thing, who can set it up again? If he shut a thing, who will open it? Behold, if he withhold the waters, they dry up: If he let them go, they destroy the earth. With him is strength and wisdom: he knoweth both the deceiver and him that is deceived.
      He carry away the wise men, as it were a spoil, and bringeth the judges out of their wits. He looseth the girdle of kings, and girdleth their loins with a bond. He leadeth away the Priests in to captivity, and turneth the mighty up side down. He taketh the *verity from out of the mouth, and disappoint the aged of their wisdom. He poureth out confusion upon the Princes, and comforteth them that are oppressed. Look what lieth hide in darkness, he declareth it openly: and the very shadow of death bringeth he to light. He both increaseth the people and destroyeth them: He maketh them to multiply, and driveth them away. He changeth the hearts of the Princes and Kings of the earth, and disapointeth them: so that they go wandering out of the way, and grope in the dark without light, staggering to and fro like drunk men.


*verity (truth, factual, realness)




Chapter 13

      Lo, all this have I seen with mine eye, heard with my ear, and understand it. Look what ye know, that same do I know also, neither am I inferior unto you. Nevertheless I am purposed to talk with the almighty, and my desire is to commune with God. As for you, ye are workmasters of lies, and unprofitable Physicians all together. Would God ye keep your tongue, that ye might be taken as wise men. Therefore hear my words, and ponder the sentence of my lips. Will ye make an answer for God with lies, and maintain him with deceit? Will ye except the person of God, and entreat for him? Shall that help you, when he calleth you to reckoning. Think ye to beguile him, as a man is beguiled? He shall punish you, and reprove you, if you do secretly except any person. Shall he not make you afraid, when he showeth himself? Shall not his terrible face fall upon you? your remembrance shall be like unto dust, and your pride shall be turned into clay. Hold your tongues now, and let me speak, for their is something come into my mind. Wherefore do I bare my flesh in my teeth, and my soul in my hands? Lo, there is neither comfort nor hope for me, if he will slay me. But if I show and reprove mine own ways in his sight, he is even the same that maketh me whole: And why? There may no hypocrite come before him. Hear my words, and ponder my sayings with your ears. Behold, now have I prepared my judgement, and know that I will be found righteous. What is he that will go to the law with me? For if I hold my tongue, I shall die. Nevertheless grant me two things, and then will I not hide myself from thee.
      Withdraw thine hand from me, and let not the fearful dread of thee make me afraid. And then send for me to the law, that, I may answer for myself: or else, let me speak, and give thou the answer. How great are my misdeeds and sins? Let me know my transgressions and offenses. Wherefore hidest thou thy face, and holdest me for thine enemy? Wilt thou be so cruel and extreme unto a flying leaf, and follow upon dry stubble? That thou layest so sharply to my charge, and will utterly undo me, for the sins of my youth? Thou hast put my foot in the stocks: thou lookest narrowly unto all my paths, and markest the steps of my feet: where as I ( notwithstanding ) must consume like as a foul carrion, and as a cloth that is moth eaten.




Chapter 14

      Man that is born of a woman, hath but a short time to live, and is full of diverse miseries. He cometh up and falleth away like a flower. He flyeth as it were a shadow, and never continueth in one state. Thinkest thou it now well done, to open thine eyes upon such one, and to bring me before thee in judgement? Who can make it clean, that cometh from an unclean thing? Nobody. The days of a man are short, the number of his months are known only to thee. Thou hast appointed him his bounds, he cannot go beyond them. Go from him , that he might rest alittle: until his day come, which he looketh for, like as an hireling doeth.
      If a tree be cut down, there is some hope yet, that it will sprout and shout forth the branches again; For though a root be waxen old and dead in the ground, yet when the stock getth the scent of water, it will bud, and bring forth bows, like as when it was first planted. But as for a man, when he is dead, perished and consumed away, what becometh him? The floods when they be dried up, and the rivers when they be empty, are filled again through the flowing waters of the sea: but when a man sleepeth, he riseth not again, until the heaven perish: he shall not wake up nor rise out of his sleep. O' that thou wouldest keep me, and hide me in the hell, until thy wrath were spilled: and to appoint me a time, wherein thou mightest remember me. May a dead man live again? All the days of this my pilgrimage am I looking, when my changing shall come. If thou wouldest but call me, I should obey thee: only despise not the work of thine own hands.
      For thou hast numbered all my goings, yet be not thou to extreme upon my sins. Thou hast sealed up mine offenses, as it were in a bag: but be merciful unto my wickedness. The mountains fall away at the last, the rocks are removed out of their place, the waters pierce through the very stones by little and little, the floods wash away the gravel and the earth: Even so destroyest thou the hope of a man in like manner. Thou prevailest against him, so that he passeth away : thou changes his estate, and puttest him from thee. Whether his children come to worship or no, he can not tell: And if they be men of low degree, he knoweth not. While he liveth, his flesh must have travail: And while the soul is in him, he must be in sorrow.




Chapter 15

      Then answered *Eliphaz the Themanite, and said: Should a wise man answer as the silence of the wind, and fill his belly with the wind of the east? Thou reproveth with words, that are nothing worth: and speakest the things, that do no good. As for shame, thou hast set it aside, else wouldest thou not make so many words before God: but thy wickedness acheth thy mouth, and so thou hast chosen the a crafty tongue. Thine own mouth condemeth thee, and not I : yee thine own lips shape the answer. Art thou the first man, that ever was born? Or, wast thou made before the hills? hast thou heard the secrete counsel of God, that all wisdom is to little for thee? What knowest thou that we knowest not? What understandest thou, but we can the same? With us are old and aged men, yee such as have lived longer than thy forefathers.
      Thinkest thou it a small thing of the consolations of God? and are they with the* living word. Why doth thine heart make thee so proud? Why standest thou so greatly in thine own conceit? Where unto thine eyes, that thy mind is so puffed up against God and letteth such words come out of thy mouth? What is a man, that he should be clean? what hath he ( which is born of a woman ) whereby he might be known to be righteous? Behold there is no trust to his *fanctes: yee the very heavens are not clean in his sight. How much more then an abominable and vile man, which drinketh wickedness like water? I will tell thee, hear me: I will show thee a thing, that I know: which wise men have told, and hath not been hid from their fathers: unto whom only the land was given, that no stranger should ever come among them.
      The ungodly despair all the days of their life, and the number of a tyrants years is unknown. And fearful found is ever in his ears, and when it is peace yet feareth he destruction: He believeth never to be delivered out of darkness, the sword is always before his eyes. When he goeth forth to get his living, he thinketh plainly, that the day of darkness is at hand. Sorrow and carefulness make him afraid, and compass him round about, like as it where a king with his host ready to the battle. For he hath stretched out his hand against God, and armed himself against the Almighty. He runneth proudly upon him, and with stiffneck fighteth he against him: where as he covereth his face with fatness, and maketh his body well liking. Therefore shall his dwelling be in desolate cities, and in houses which no man inhabits, but are become heaps of stones.
      He shall not be rich, neither shall his substance continue, ner increase upon the earth. He shall never come out of darkness, the flame shall dry up his branches, with the blast of the mouth of God shall he be taken away. He will never apply himself to faithfulness and truth, so sore is he deceived with vanity.
      He shall perish, afore his time be worn out, and his hand shall not be green. He shall be plucked off as an untimely grape from the vine, and shall let his flower fall, as the olive doth. For the congregation of hypocrites is unfruitful, and the fire shall consume the houses of such, as are greedy to receive gifts. He conceives travail, he beareth mischief, and his body bringeth forth deceit.


names from the Hebrew are: *Eliphaz = "my God is (fine) gold" Themanite = "southward" to destroy, to perish.
*note this "living word" *fanctes = fancies, imaginations.




Chapter 16

      Job answered, and said: I have often times heard such things. Miserable givers of comfort are ye, all the fort of you. Shall not thy vain words come yet to an end? Or, hast thou yet any more to say? I could speak as ye do also. But would God, that your soul were in my souls stead.: then should I heap up words against you, and shake my head at you. I should comfort you with my mouth, and release your pain with the talking of my lips. But what shall I do? For all my words, my sorrow will not cease: and though I hold my tongue, yet will it not depart from me. And now that I am full of pain, and all that I have destroyed ( whereof my wrinkles bare witness ) there standeth up a disassembler to make me answer with lies to my face. He is angry at me, he hateth me, and gnasheth upon me with his teeth. Mine enemy schooleth upon me with his eyes.
      They have opened their mouths wide upon me, and smitten me upon the cheek despitefully, they have eased themselves through mine adversary. God hath given me over to the ungodly. I was some time in wealth, but suddenly he hath brought me to nought. He hath taken me by the neck, he hath rent me, and set me, as it were a mark for him to shoot at. He hath compassed me round about with his darts, he hath wounded my loins, and not spared. My bowels hath he poured upon the ground. He hath given me one wound upon another, and is fallen upon me like a giant. I have sowed sack cloth upon my skin, and lay with my strength in the dust.
      My face is swollen with weeping, and mine eyes are waxen dim. Howbeit there is no wickedness in my hands, and my prayer is clean. O' earth, cover not my blood, and let my crying find no room. For lo, my witness is in heaven, and he that knoweth me, is above in the height. My friends laugh me to scorn, but mine eye poureth out tears unto God. Though a body might plead with God, as one man doeth another, yet the number of my years are come, and I must go the way, from whence I shall not turn again.




Chapter 17

      My breath faileth, my days are shortened. I am hard at deaths door. I have deceived no man, yet must mine eye continue in heaviness. O' deliver me and set me by thee: who shall then be able to thrust my hands together? Thou hast withholden their hearts from understanding, therefore shall they not be set up on high. He promiseth his friends part of his good, but his own children spend it. He hath made me as it were a byword of the common people. I am his jesting stock among them. My countenance is heavy for very anger, and the members of my body are become like a shadow. Virtuous men therefore shall well consider this, an innocent shall take part against the hypocrite.
      The righteous will keep his way, and he that hath clean hands, will ever be stronger and stronger. As for you, turn you, and get you hence, for I can not see one wise man among you. My days are past, my thoughts are vanished away, which have vexed my heart, changing the night into day, and the light into darkness. Though I tarry never so much, yet the grave is my house, and I must make my bed in the dark. I call corruption my father, and the worms call I my mother and my sister. What helpeth then my long tarrying? Or, who will fulfill the thing, that I look for? All that I have, shall go down into the pit, and lay with me in the dust.




Chapter 18

      Then answered *Baldad the Suhite, and said: when will ye make an end of your words? Mark well, and consider, we will speak also. Wherefore are we counted as beasts, and reputed so vile in your sight? Why destroyest thou thy self with anger? Shall the earth be forsaken, or the stones removed out of there place because of thee? Shall not the light of the ungodly be put out? Yee and the flame of his fire shall not burn. The light shall be dark in his dwelling, and his candle shall be put out with him. His presumptious goings shall be kept in, and his own counsel shall cast him down. For his feet shall be taken in the net, and he shall walk in the snare. His foot shall be holden in the gilder, and the thirsty shall catch him. The snare is layed for him in the ground, and a pitfall in the way.      
      Fearfulness shall make him afraid on every side, that he shall not know, where to get out. Hunger shall be his substance, and misfortune shall hang upon him. He shall eat the strength of his skin, the first bone of death shall *cate his members. All his comfort and hope shall be rooted out of his dwelling, very fearfullness shall bring him unto the king. Other men shall dwell in his house ( which is now none of his ) and brimstone shall be scattered upon his habitation. His roots shall be dried up beneath, and above shall his harvest be cut down. His rememberance shall perish from the earth, and his name shall not be praised in the streets: he shall be driven from the light into darkness, and cast clean out of the world. He shall neither have children nor kinfolks among his people, no, ner any prosperity in his country: young and old shall be astonished at his death. Such are now the dwellings of the wicked, and this is the place of him that knoweth not God.


Baldad = "confusing (by mingling) love" Shuhite = "wealth". *cate (delicacy)




Chapter 19

      Job answered, and said: how long will ye vex my mind, and trouble me with words? Lo, ten times have ye reproved me: are ye not ashamed, for to laugh me to scorn? If I go wrong, I go wrong to myself. But if ye will enhance yourselves against me, and accuse me to be a wicked person because of the shame that is come upon me: know this then, that it is God, which hath handled me so violently, and hath compassed me about with his scourges. Behold, though I cry, yet violence is done unto me, I can not be heard: Though I complain, there is none to give sentence with me. He hath hedged up my path, I can not get away, he hath set darkness in my gate. He hath spoiled me of mine honor, and taken the crown away from my head. He hath destroyed me on every side, and I am undone: My hope hath he taken away from me, as it were a tree plucked up by the root. His wrath is kindled against me, he taketh me, as though I were his enemy.
      His men of war came together, which made their way over me, and besieged my dwelling round about. He hath put my brethren far away from me, and such as were of mine acquaintance, are become strangers unto me. Mine own kinfolk have forsaken me, and my friends have put me out of remembrance. The servants and maids of mine own house take me for a stranger, and I am become as an *aleaunt in their sight.
      When I call upon my servant, he giveth me no answer: no though I pray him with my mouth. Mine own wife may not abide my breath, I am faint to speak fair unto the children of mine own body. Yee the very desert fools despise me, and when I am gone form them, they speak evil upon me. All such as were my most familiar, abhor me: And they whom I loved best, are turned against me. My bone hangeth to my skin, and my flesh is away, only there is left me the skin about my teeth. Have pity upon me, ( O ye my friends ) for the hand of the Lord hath touched me. Why do ye persecute me as God, and are not satisfied of my flesh?
      O' that my words were written, O' that they were put in a book: would God they were graven with an iron pen in lead or stone. For I am sure, that my redeemer liveth, and that I shall rise out of the earth in the latter day: that I shall be clothed again with this skin, and see God in my flesh. Yee I myself shall behold him, not with other but these same eyes. My reins are consumed within in me, when ye say: Why do we not persecute him? We have found an occasion against him. But beware of the sword, for the sword will be avenged of wickedness, and be sure, that there is a judgement.


*aleaunt = alien




Chapter 20

      Then answered Sophar the Naamathite, and said: For the same cause do my thoughts compel me to answer. And why? My mind is tossed here and there. I have sufficiently heard thy checking and reproof, therefore am I purposed to make answer after mine own understanding. Knowest thou not this, namely: that from the beginning ( ever since the creation of man upon the earth ) the praise of the ungodly hath been short, and that the joy of the Hypocrites continued but the twinkling of an eye? Though he be magnified up to the heaven, so that his head reacheth into the clouds: yet he perish at the last like dung: In so much that they which have seen him, say: Where is he? He vanisheth as a dream, so that he can no more be found, and passeth away as a vision in the night. So that the eye which saw him before, getteth now no sight of him, and his place knoweth him no more. His children go a begging, their hands bring them to sorrow and heaviness.
      From his youth his bones are full of vice, which shall lay down with him in the earth. When wickedness is sweet in his mouth, he hideth it under his tongue. That he favoreth, that he will not forsake, but keepeth it close in his throat. The meat that he eateth, shall be turned to the poison of serpents, within his body. The riches that he devoureth, shall he perbrake (vomit) again, for God will draw them out of his belly, he shall suck the serpents head, and the adders tongue shall slay him: so that he shall no more see the rivers, and brooks of honey and butter: But labor shall he, and yet have nothing to eat. Great travail shall he make for riches, but he shall not enjoy them. And why? he hath oppressed the poor, and not helped them: houses hath he spoiled, and not builded them. His belly could never be filled, therefore shall he perish in his covetness. He devoured so greedily, that he left nothing behind, therefore his goods shall not prosper. Though he had plenteousness of everything, yet he was poor, and therefore he is but a wretch on every side.
      For the wicked have never so much to fill his belly, yet God shall send his wrath upon him, and cause his battle to rain over him: so that if he flee the iron weapons, he shall be shot with a steel bow. The arrow shall be taken forth, and go out at his back, and a glittering sword through the gall of him, fear shall come upon him. There shall no darkness be able to hide him. And unkindled fire shall consume him, and look what remaineth in his house, it shall be destroyed. The heaven shall declare his wickedness, and the earth take part against him. The substance that he hath in his house, shall be taken away and perish, in the day of the Lords wrath. This is the portion that the wicked shall have of God, and the heritage that he may look for of the Lord.


Sophar = "sparrow" "Melek is father" or "my father is king" Abel Mizraim = "meadow of Egypt" field of copts (adversaries) fertileness of Egypt, to go early, depart early ,Naamathite = see Naamah "pleasantness"




Chapter 21

      Job answered, and said: O' hear my words, and amend yourselves. Suffer me a little, that I may speak also, and then laugh my words to scorn, if you will. Is it with a man, that I make this disputation? Which if it were so, should not my spirit be in sore trouble? Mark me well, be abashed, and lay your hand upon your mouth. For when I ponder and consider this, I am afraid, and my flesh is smitten with fear. Wherefore do wicked men live in health and prosper, come to their old age, and increase in riches? Their childrens children live in their sight, and their generation before their eyes. Their houses are safe from all fear, for the rod of God does not smite them. Their bullock gendereth, and that not out of time: their cow calveth, and is not unfruitful.
      They send forth their children by flocks, and their sons lead the dance. They bare with them taberetts and harps, and have instruments of music at their pleasure. They spend their days in wealthiness: but suddenly they go down to hell. They say unto God: go from us, we desire not the knowledge of thy ways. What manner of fellow is the Almighty, that we should serve him? What profit should we have, to submit our selves unto him? Lo, there is utterly no goodness in them, therefore will not I have to do with the counsel of the ungodly. How often shall the candle of the wicked put out? How often cometh their destruction upon them? Oh what sorrow shall God give them for their part in his wrath. Yee they shall be even as chaff before the wind, and as dust that the storm carrieth away.
      And though God save their children from such sorrow, yet will he so reward themselves, that they shall know it. Their own destruction and misery shall they see with their own eyes, and drink of the fearful wrath of the Almighty. For what careth he, what be come of his household after his death? Whose months pass away swifter than an arrow. In as much then as God hath the highest power of all, who can teach him any knowledge? One dieth now when he is mighty and at his best, rich, and in prosperity: even when his bowels are at the fattest, and his bones full of merry. An other dieth in sorrow and heaviness, and never had good days. Now sleep they both alike in the earth, and the worms cover them. But I know what ye think, yee and what yee imagine against me unrighteously. For ye say: Where is the Princes palace? where is the dwelling of the ungodly: Ask any man that goeth by the way, and ( if ye will not regard their tokens and deeds) he shall tell you, that the wicked is kept unto the day of destruction, and that the ungodly shall be brought forth in the day of wrath. Who dare reprove him for his ways to his face? Who rewardeth him for the ungraciousness that he doth? Yet shall he be brought to his grave, and watch among the heap of the dead. Then shall he be *faine to be buried among the stones by the brook side. All men must follow him, and there are innumerable gone before him. O how vain is the comfort that ye give me? Are not your answers clean contrary to right and truth?


*faine (willing /or obliged)




Chapter 22

      So Eliphas the Themanite gave answer, and said: May a man be compared unto God in wisdom, though he seem to himself, for to be like him? What pleasure hath God in that thou art righteous? Or what doth it profit him, that thy ways are perfect? Is he afraid to reprove thee, and to step forth with thee in to judgement? Cometh not this for that great wickedness, and for thine ungracious deeds which are innumerable? Thou hast taken the pledge from thy brethren for nought, and robbed the naked of their clothing: To such as were weary, thou hast given no water to drink, thou hast withdrawn bread from the hungry: Should such one then as useth violence, wrong and oppression ( doing all things of parcialite, and having respect of persons ) dwell in the land? Thou hast sent the widows away empty and oppressed the poor fatherless.
      Therefore art thou compassed about with snares on every side, and suddenly vexed with fear. Shouldest thou then see no darkness? Should not then the water flood run over thee? Now because that God is higher then the heavens, and because thou seest the stars are so high, wilt thou therefore say: Tush, how should God know? Doth his dominion reach beyond the clouds? Tush the clouds cover him that he may not see, for he dwelleth in heaven. Well, thou wilt keep the old way, that all wicked men have gone: both old an young, whose foundation is a running water, which sayeth unto God: go from us, and after this manner: Tush what will the Almighty do unto us? where as he ( notwithstanding ) filleth their houses with all good. Which meaning of the ungodly be far from me. For with joy shall the godly, and with gladness shall the innocent see, that their increase shall be hewn down, and their prosperity consumed with fire.
      Therefore reconcile thee unto God, and be content, so shall all things prosper with thee rightwell. Receive the law at his mouth, and lay up his words in thy heart. For if thou wilt turn to the Almighty, thou shalt stand fast, and all unrighteousness shall be far from thy dwelling: He shall give thee an harvest, which in plenty and abundance shall exceed the dust of the earth, and the gold of Ophir like river stones. Yee the Almighty his own self shall be thine harvest, and the heap of thy money. Then shalt thou have thy delight in the Almighty, and lift up thy face unto God. Then shalt thou make thy prayer unto him, and he shall hear thee, and thou shalt keep thy promises. Then look what thou takest in hand, he shall make it to prosper with thee, and the light shall shine in thy ways. For who so humbleth himself, him shall he set up: and who so looketh meekly, shall be healed. If thou be innocent, he shall save thee: and through the unguiltyness of thine hands shalt thou be delivered.


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