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The Book of the Prophet Jeremie

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Chapter 48

      Thus saith the Lord of Hosts, the God of Israel against Moab: Woe unto Nabo, for it shall be layed waste, brought to confusion and taken. Yee the strong city of Kariathiarim shall be brought to shame, and afraid: Moab shall be no more had in honor: Wicked counsel shall be taken upon Hesebon. Come, ( shall they say ) let us root them out, that may be no more among the number of the Gentiles, yee that they may no more be thought upon: Thus the sword shall persecute thee: A voice shall cry from Horonaim, With great wasting and destruction, is Moab made desolate.
      And this cry shall be heard in all her cities. At the going up unto Luith there shall arise a lamentation: and down toward Horonaim, there shall be heard a cruel and deadly cry: Get you away, save your lives and be like unto the *heeth in the wilderness. For because thou hast trusted in thy strongholds and treasure, thou shalt taken Chamos with his priests and princes shall go away into captivity.
      The destroyer shall come upon all cities, none shall escape. The valleys shall be destroyed, and the fields shall be layed waste: like as the Lord hath determined.
      Make a token unto Moab, that she get her away speedily: for her cities shall be made so desolate, that no man shall dwell therin. Cursed be he that doeth the work of the Lord negligently, and cured be he that keepeth back his sword from shedding blood.
      Moab hath ever been rich and careless from her youth up, she hath sitten and taken her ease with her treasure. She was never yet put out of one vessel into another, that is, she never went away in to captivity, therefore her taste remaineth, and her savoure is not yet changed.
      But lo, the time cometh, sayeth the Lord, that I shall send her trussers to truss her up, to prepare a season her vessels: yee her tankards rattle and shake to and fro. And Moab shall be ashamed of Chamos, like as Israel was ashamed of Bethel, wherin she put her trust.
      Wherefore do ye think thus: We are mighty, and strong men of war? Moab shall be destroyed, her cities burnt up: her chosen young men shall be slain, saith the King, whose name is the Lord of Hosts. The destruction of Moab cometh on a pace, and her fall is at hand.
      All her neighbors shall mourn for her, and all they that know her name, shall say: O how happeneth it, that the strong staff and goodly rod is broken? And thou daughter Dibon, come down from thy glory, and sit in poverty. For he that destroyeth Moab, shall come up also, and break down thy strong holds.
      And thou that dwellest in Aroer, get thee to the street, and look about thee: ask them that are fled and escaped, and say: What thing is happened? O Moab is confounded and overcome.
      Mourn and cry, tell it out at Armon, that Moab is destroyed. And misery shall come upon the plain land: Namely, upon Holon, and Jahazah, and Mephaath and Dibon, upon Nabo, and the house of Deblathaim, upon Cariathiarim and Bethgamul, upon Bethmaon and Carioth, upon Bozrah and all the cities of the land of Moab, whether they lie far or near.
      The horn of Moab shall be smitten down, and her arm broken, saith the Lord. Make her drunken, for she magnified herself above the Lord, that men may clap their hands at her vomit, and that she also may be laughed into scorn. O Israel, shalt thou not laugh him to scorn, when he is taken among thieves? Yee because of thy words that thou hast spoken against him, thou shalt be driven away. Ye Moabites shall leave the cities, and dwell in the rocks of stone, and become like doves, that make their nest in holes.
      As for Moabs pride, we have heard of it, she is very high minded. I know her stoutness, her boasting, her arrogance and the pride of her stomach, sayeth the Lord. For her furriousness may neither uphold her with strength ner deed. Therefore shall their mourning be made for Moab, and every man shall cry for Moabs sake: a lamentation shall be made to the men that stand upon the wall. So will I mourn for thee also O Jazer, and for thee, O thou vineyard of Sabamah.
      Thy wine branches shall come over the sea, and the branches of Jazer but unto the sea: the destroyer shall break into thy harvest and grape gathering: Mirth and cheer shall be taken away from the timber field, and from the whole land of Moab.
      There shall be no sweet wine in the press, the treader shall have no stomach to cry, yee there shall be none to cry unto him: which afore time were heard from Hesebon to Eleale, and Jahaz, which lifted up their voice from Zoar unto Horonaim, that bullock of three years old. The waters also of Nemrim shall be dried up.
      Moreover I will make Moab cease ( saith the Lord ) from the offerings and *censing that she hath made unto her gods in high places. Wherefore my heart mourneth for Moab, like a crowd playing an heavy song: and for the mens sake of the brick wall my heart mourneth also, even as a pipe that pipeth a doleful song: for they shall be very few, and destroyed.
      All heads shall be shaven, and all beards clipped off: all hands bound, and all loins girded about with sack cloth. Upon all the housetops and streets of Moab, there shall be mourning: For I will break Moab like an unprofitable vessel saith the Lord. O how fearful is she? O how mourneth she? O how doth Moab hang down her head, and is ashamed? Thus shall Moab be a laughing stock, and had in *derision of all them, that be round about her.
      For thus saith the Lord: Behold, the enemy shall come flying as an *Aegle, and shall spread his wings upon Moab. They shall climb over the walls, and win the strongholds. Then the mighty mens hearts in Moab shall be like the heart of a woman travailing with child.
      And Moab shall be made desolate, that she shall no more be a people, because she hath set up herself against the Lord. fear, pit, and snare shall come upon thee ( O Moab ) saith the Lord. Who so escapeth the fear, shall fall in the pit: and who so getteth out of the pit, shall be taken in the snare.
      For I will bring a year of visitation upon Moab, saith the Lord. They that are able to flee, shall stand under the shadow of Hesebon. For there shall go a fire out of Heshbon, and a flame from Sion, and shall burn up that proud people of Moab, both before and behind.
      Woe be unto thee, (O Moab ) for thou people of Chamos shall perish: Yee thy sons and daughters shall be led away captive. Yet at the last will I bring Moab out of captivity again, saith the Lord. Thus far of the plague of Moab.


*heeth ( low shrub ) *censing ( burning of incense ) *derision (ridicule, contempt)
*Aegle (Eagle) Cap A ; elsewhere see: Eagle; 4th Esdras, Reveleation also see modern "Moab".




Chapter 49

      As concerning the Ammonites, thus the Lord sayeth: Hath Israel no children, or is he without an heir? Why hath your king then taken Gad in? Wherefore doth his people dwell in his cities? Behold therefore, the time cometh ( saith the Lord ) that I will bring a noise of war into Rabah of the Ammonites. Lahel shall be desolate, and her cities burnt up: and the Israelites shall be lords over those that had them in possession afore, saith the Lord. The cities of Rabah shall cry out, and gird themselves with sackcloth: they shall mourn, and run about the walls: for their king shall be led away prisoner: yee his priests and princes with him.
      Wherefore trusteth thou in the water streams that flow to and fro, O thou fierce daughter: and thinkest thou art so safe ( by reason of thy treasure ) that no man shall come to thee?
      Behold, I will bring a fear upon thee, saith the Lord God of Hosts, from all those that be about thee: so that ye shall be scattered every man from another, and no man shall gather them together again that be fled. But after that, I will bring the Ammonites also out of captivity again.
      Upon the Edomites hath the Lord of Hosts spoken on this manner: Is there no wisdom in Thema? Is there no more good counsel among his people? Is their wisdom then turned clean to nought? Get you hence, turn your backs creep down into the deep, O ye citizens of Dedan.
      For I will bring destruction upon Esau, ye and the day of his visitation. If the grape gathers come upon thee, should they not leave some grapes? If the night robbers came upon thee, should they not take so much as they thought were enough?
      But I will make Esau bare, and discover his secrets, so that he shall not be able to hide them. His seed shall be wasted away yee his brethren and his neighbors, and he himself shall not be left behind.
      Thou shalt leave thy fatherless children behind thee, and I will keep them and thy widows shall take their comfort in me. For thus hath the Lord spoken: Behold, they that men thought were *unmete to drink of the cup, have drunken with the first: and thinkest thou then to be free?
      No, no: thou shalt neither be quiet nor free, but thou must drink also: For why, I have sworn by myself ( sayeth the Lord ) that Bozrah shall become a wilderness, an open shame, a laughing stock and cursing: and her cities shall be a continual desert.
      For I am perfectly informed of the Lord, that he hath sent a message all ready unto the Heathen. Gather you together, and go forth against them: make you ready to battle, for, lo: I will make thee but small among the Heathen, and little regarded among men.
      Thy high stomach and pride of thy heart have deceived thee, Because thou wilt dwell in the holes of stony rocks, and have the high mountains in possession. Nevertheless though thy nest were as high as the *Aegles, yet will I cast thee down, saith the Lord. Moreover Idumea shall be a wilderness: who so goeth by it, shall be abashed, and wonder at all her miserable plagues. Like as Sodom, Gomor, and the cities that lay there about, were turned up side down ( saith the Lord ) so shall no body dwell in Idumea, and no man shall have his habitation there. Behold, like as the Lion cometh up from the pleasant meadows of Jordan unto the green pastures of Etham, so will i drive him, and make him turn against her. But who is the young man that I will ordain thereto? Who is like unto me? What is he that will strive with me? What shepherd may stand in my hands?
      Therefore hear the counsel of the Lord, that he hath taken upon Idumea: and his purpose, that he hath devised upon the citizens of Theman: The least of the flock shall tear them in pieces, and look what fair thing they have, they shall make it waste, and themselves also. At the noise of their fall, the earth shall quake, the cry of their voice shall be heard to the red sea. Behold, the enemy shall come and fly up hither, like as it were an *Aegle and spread his wings upon *Bozrah. Then shall the hearts of the worthies in Edom be as the heart of a woman travailing with child. Upon Damascus, Hamath and Arphad shall come confusion, for they shall hear evil tidings: they shall be tossed to and fro like the sea that can not stand still. Damascus shall be sore afraid, and shall flee, trembling shall come upon her. Sorrow and pain shall over take her as a woman travailing of child. But how should so worshipful and glorious a city be forsaken? Hear therefore: her young men shall fall in the streets, and all her men of war shall be taken away in that time, sayeth the Lord of Hosts. I will kindle a fire in the walls of Damascus, which shall consume the palace of Benhadad.
      As for Cedar and kingdom of Hazor, whom Nabuchodonosor the king of Babylon smote down, the Lord hath spoken thus upon them: Arise, and get you up to Cedar, and destroy the people toward the east. Their tents and their flocks shall they take away, yee their hangings and their vessel. Their Camels also shall they carry away with them. Then shall come about them on every side with a fearful cry.
      Flee, get you soon away, creep into caves, that ye may dwell there: O yee inhabitantors of Hazor, saith the Lord. For Nabuchodonosor the king of Babylon hath holden a counsel concerning you, and concluded his devise against you. Arise, and get you up against yonder rich and careless people ( sayeth the Lord ) which have neither gates nor door bars, and dwell not together. Their camels shall be stolen, and the droves of their cattle driven away.
      Moreover, these that be shaven will I scatter toward all the winds, and bring them to destruction: yee and that through their own familiars, saith the Lord. Hazor also shall be a dwelling for Dragons, and an everlasting wilderness: so that no body shall dwell there, and no man shall have there his habitation.
      These are the words, that the Lord spake to the prophet Jeremy concerning Elam, in the beginning of the reign of Zedekiah King of Judah. Thus saith the Lord of Hosts: Behold, I will break the bow of Elam, and take away their strength: and upon Elam I will bring the four winds from the four quarters of heaven, and will scatter them against the same the same four winds: And there shall be no people, but some of them shall flee unto them.
      For I will cause Elam to be afraid of their enemies, and of them that seek their lives: and will bring upon them the indignation of my wrath, saith the Lord. And I will persecute them with the sword so long till I have brought them to naught. I will set my stool in Elam, I will destroy both the king and the princes from thence, saith the Lord. But in the process of time, I will bring Elam out of captivity again, saith the Lord.


*unmete (not worthy) *Aegles (eagles) note Cap A and see Eagle in 4th Esdras and Revelation. *Bozrah note; modern day Bozrah.




Chapter 50

      The words that the Lord spake unto the prophet Jeremy, concerning Babylon, and the land of the Caldees: preach among the Gentiles, let your voice be heard, make a token: cry out, keep no silence, but say Babylon shall be won, Bel shall be confounded, and Merodach shall be over come.
      Yee their gods shall be brought to shame and their images shall stand in fear. For out of the north there come a people against her, which shall make her land so waste, that no body shall dwell therin: neither man ner beast. In those days, and at that time, saith the Lord, the children of Israel shall come, they and the children of Judah, weeping and making haste, and shall seek the Lord their God. They shall ask the way to Sion, thither shall they turn their faces, and come and hang upon thee, in a covenant that never shall be broken.
      My people hath been lost flock, my shepherds have deceived them, and have made them go astray upon the hills. They have gone from the mountains to the little hill, and forgotten their fold. All they that came upon them, have devoured them: and their enemies said: We have made no fault against them, for they have displeased the Lord, yee even the Lord which is the beauty of their righteousness, and that defended their fathers. Yet shall ye flee from Babylon, and depart out of the land of the Caldees, and ye shall be as the rams that go before the flock. For lo, I will make up an host of people from the northern land, and bring them upon Babylon: these shall lay siege to it, and win it: There arrows shall not miss, like as a cunning archer shuteth not wrong. And the Chaldees shall be spoiled, and all they that spoil them, shall be satisfied, saith the Lord. because ye were so cheerful and glad, to tread down mine heritage, and fulfill your pleasures, as the calves in the grass: And triumphed over them like the bulls, when ye had gotten the victory. Your mothers shall be sore confounded, and they that bare you, shall come to shame. She shall be the least set by among the nations, void, waste, and dried up. No man shall be able to dwell there, for the fear of the Lord, but she shall be whole desolate. All they that go by Babylon, shall stand still, and be abashed, and shall wonder at all her plagues.
      Go forth in your array against Babylon round about, all ye that can handle bows: shoot at her, spare no arrows, for she hath sinned against the Lord. Cry out: upon her, upon her, against her round about: she shall yield herself, her foundations shall fall, and her walls shall come down, for it shall be the vengeance of the Lord. Yee vengeance shall be taken of her, and as she hath done, so shall she be dealt withal. They shall root out the sower from Babylon, and him that handleth the sickle in Harvest. For fear of the sword of the enemy, every man shall get him to his own people, and every man shall flee to his own land. Israel is a scattered flock, the Lions have dispersed them. First the king of the Assyrians devoured them, last of all this Nabuchodonosor King of Babylon hath bruised all their bones.
      Therefore thus saith the Lord of Hosts the God of Israel: Behold, I will visit the King of Babylon and his kingdom, as I have visited the King of Assyrians. and I will bring Israel again to his pleasant pasture, that he may feed upon Carmel and Bashan, and be satisfied upon the mount of Ephraim and Gilead. In those days and at the same time ( saith the Lord ) if the offense of Israel be sought for, there shall be none found: If men enquire for the sin of Judah, there shall be none: for I will be merciful unto them, whom I suffer to remain over.
      Go down ( O thou avenger ) in to the enemies land, and visit them that dwell therin: down with them, and smite them upon the backs, sayeth the Lord: do according to all, that i have commanded thee. There is gone about the land a cry of the slaughter and great murder, namely on this manner: How happeneth it, that the hammer of the whole world is thus broken and bruised insunder? How chanced it, that Babylon is become a wilderness among the Heathen on this manner? I myself have layed wait for thee, and thou art taken: unawares art thou trapped and snared: for why, thou hast provoked the Lord unto anger: The Lord hath opened his house of ordinance, and brought forth weapons of his wrath. For the thing that is done in the land of the Caldees, it is the Lord of hosts work.
      These things shall come upon her at the last, they shall break into her privy chambers, they shall leave her as bare as stones, that be layed together upon heaps. They shall so destroy her, that nothing shall be left. They shall slay all her mighty soldiers, and put them to death. Woe be unto them, for the day and the time of their visitation is at hand. Me think I hear all ready a cry, of them that be fled and escaped out of the land of Babylon, which show Sion the vengeance of the Lord our God, the vengeance of his temple: yee a voice of them, that cry against Babylon: Call up all the archers against Babylon, pitch your tents round about her, that none escape. Recompense her, as she hath deserved: and according as she hath done, so deal with her again: for she hath set up herself against the Lord, against the holy one of Israel. Therefore shall her young men fall down in the streets, and all her men of war shall be rooted out in that day, saith the Lord. Behold, I speak unto thee ( O thou proud ) saith the Lord God of Hosts: for thy day shall come, even the time of thy visitation. And the proud shall stumble and fall, and no man shall help him up. I will burn up his cities with fire, and it shall consume all that is round about him.
      Thus saith the Lord of Hosts: The children of Israel and Judah suffer violence together. All they that have them in captivity, keep them fast, and will not let them go: but their avenger and redeemer is mighty, whose name is the Lord of Hosts: he shall maintain their cause, he shall make the land shake, and judge them that dwell therin, one with another. The sword shall come upon the Caldees, saith the Lord, upon them that dwell in Babylon, upon their princes, and upon their wise men: The sword upon their soothsayers, as for those ( they shall become fools ) The sword upon their worthies, so that they shall stand in fear: The sword upon their horsemen and chariots, and upon all the common people that dwell under them: so that they shall all become like women: The sword upon their treasure, so that it shall be stolen away: The sword upon their waters, so that they shall be dried up: For the land worshipeth images, and delighteth in strange wonderful things. Therefore shall wild beasts, Apes, and Ostriches dwell therin: for there shall never man dwell there, neither shall any man have his habitation there for evermore. Like as God destroyed Sodome and Gomorre, with the cities that lay there about, saith the Lord: So shall no man dwell there also, neither shall any man have there his habitation. Behold, there shall come a people from the North, with a great bound of men, and many Kings shall stand up from the ends of the earth: They bear bows and bucklers, cruel are they and unmerciful.       Their voice roareth like the raging sea, they ride upon horses, and come weaponed to fight against thee: O Babylon. As soon as the king of Babylon heareth tell of them, his hands shall wax feeble: Sorrow and heaviness shall come upon come upon him, as of a woman in travailing with child. Behold, Like as the Lion cometh up from the pleasant meadows of Jordan unto the green pastures of Ethan, so will I drive them forth, and make them run against her. But whom shall I choose out, and ordain to such a thing? For who is like me, or who will strive with me? or what shepherd may stand against me? Therefore hear the counsel that the Lord hath given upon Babylon, and the devise that he hath taken upon the land of the Caldees. The least among the people shall tear them in pieces, and look what pleasant thing they have: they shall lay it waste. The noise at the winning of Babylon shall move the earth, and the cry shall be heard among the Gentiles.




Chapter 51

     Thus hath the Lord said: Behold, I will raise up a perilous wind against Babylon and her citizens, that bear evil will against me. I will send also into Babylon fanners, to fan her out, and destroy her land: for in the day of her trouble they shall be about her an every side: Moreover, the Lord hath said unto the bow men, and to them that climb over the walls in breast plates: He shall not spare her young men, kill down all her host. Thus the slain shall fall down in the land of the Caldees, and the wounded in the streets. As for Israel and Juda, they shall not be forsaken of their God, of the Lord of Hosts, of the holy one of Israel: no, though they have filled all their land full of sin. Fly away from Babylon, every man save his life. Let no man hold his tongue to her wickedness, for the time of the Lords vengeance is come, yee he shall reward her again. Babylon hath been in the Lords hand a golden cup, that maketh all lands drunken. Of her wine have all people drunken, therefore are they out of their wits. But suddenly is Babylon fallen and destroyed. Mourn for her, bring plasters for her wounds, if she may peradventure be healed again. We would have made Babylon whole ( sayeth they ) but she is not recovered. Therefore will we let her alone, and go every man into his own country. For her judgment is come in to heaven, and is gone up to the clouds. And therefore come on, we will show Sion the work of the Lord our God.
      Make sharp arrows, and fill the quivers: for the Lord hath raised up the spirit of the king of the Meedes, which hath already a desire to destroy Babylon. This shall be the vengeance of the Lords, and the vengeance of his temple.
      Set up tokens upon the walls of Babylon, make your watch strong, set your watchmen in array, yee hold private watches: and yet for all that shall the Lord go forth with the devise, which he hath taken upon them that dwell in Babylon.
      O thou that dwellest by the great waters, O thou that hast so great treasure and riches, thine end is come: and the raking of thy winnings. The Lord of Hosts hath sworn by himself, that he will over whelm thee with men like grasshoppers in number, which with courage shall cry Alarm, Alarm against the. Yee even the Lord of Hosts, that with his power made the earth, with his wisdom prepared the round world, and with his discretion spied out the heavens. As soon as he letteth his voice be heard, the waters in the air wax fierce: He draweth up the clouds from the ends of the earth. He turneth the lightnings to rain, he bringeth the winds out of their secret places. By the reason of wisdom, all men are become fools. Confounded are all the casters of images: for the thing that they make is but deceit, and hath no breath. Vain is it and worthy to be laughed at: and in the time of visitation it shall perish.
      Nevertheless, the portion of Jacob is none such: but he that made all things, whose name is the Lord of Hosts, he is the rod of his inheritance. Thou breakest my weapons of war, and yet through thee I have scattered the nations and kingdoms: Through thee have I scattered horse and horse man, yee the chariots, and such as sat upon them: through thee I have scattered man and woman, old and young, bachelor and maiden. Through thee I have scattered the shepherd and his flock, the husband man and his cattle, the princes and rulers. Therefore will I reward the city of Babylon and all her citizens the Caldees, with all the evil which they have done unto Sion: yee that ye yourselves shall see it, sayeth the Lord. Behold, I come upon thee ( thou noisesome hill ) sayeth the Lord, thou that destroyest all lands. I will stretch out my hand over thee, and cast down from the stoney rocks: and will make thee a brunt hill, so that neither corner stones, ner pinnacles, ner foundation stones shall be taken any more out of thee, but waste and desolate shalt thou lie for evermore, sayeth the Lord.
      Set up a token in the land, blow the trumpets among the Heathen, provoke the nations against her, call the kingdoms of Ararat, Menni, and Ascanes against her: number out Taphsar against her, bring as great a sort of horses against her, as if they were grasshoppers. Prepare against them the people of the Meedes with their kings princes and all their chief rulers, yee and the whole land that is under them.
      The land also shall shake and be afraid, when the devise of the Lord shall come forth against Babylon: to make the land of Babylon so waste, that no man shall dwell any more therin. The Worthies of Babylon shall leave the battle, and keep themselves in strongholds, their strength hath failed them, they shall be like women. Their dwelling places shall be burnt up, their bars shall be broken. Orie pursuant shall meet another, yee one post shall come by another, to bring the king of Babylon tidings: that his city is taken in on every side, the *foordes occupied, the *senns brunt up, and the soldiers sore afraid.
      For thus saith the Lord of Hosts the God of Israel: The daughter of Babylon hath been in her time like as a threshing floor but shortly shall her harvest come. Nabuchodonosor the king of Babylon hath devoured and destroyed me, he hath made me an empty vessel. He swallowed me up like a dragon, and filled his belly with my delicates: he hath cast me out. he hath taken my substance away and the thing that was left me hath he carried unto Babylon, sayeth the daughter that dwelleth in Sion: yee and my blood also unto the Caldees, sayeth Jerusalem. Therefore thus sayeth the Lord: Behold, I will drink up her see, and dry up her water springs.
      Babylon shall become an heap of stones a dwelling place for dragons, a fearfulness and wondering, because no man dwelleth there. They shall roar together like lions, and as young lions when they be angry, so shall they bend them selves. In their heat I shall set drink before them, and they shall be drunken for joy: Then shall they sleep an everlasting sleep, and never wake, sayeth the Lord. I shall carry them down to be slain like sheep, like whethers and goats. O how was Sesach won? O, how was the glory of the whole land taken? how happeneth it, that Babylon is so wondered at among the Heathen? The sea is risen over Babylon, and hath covered her with his great waves. Her cities are layed waste, the land lieth unbuilded and void: it is a land where no man dwelleth, and where no man traveleth through. Moreover, I will visit Bel at Babylon: and the thing that he hath swallowed up, that same shall I pluck out of his mouth. The Gentiles also shall run no more unto him, yee and the walls of Babylon shall fall.
      O My people, come out of Babylon, that every man may save his life, from the fearful wrath of the Lord. Be not faint hearted, and fear not at every rumor that shall be heard in the land: for every year bringeth new tidings, yee strange wickedness and lordship. And lo, the time cometh that I will visit the images of Babylon, and the whole land shall be confounded, yee and her slain shall lie in the midst of her. Heaven and earth with all that is therin, shall rejoice over Babylon, when the destroyers shall come upon her from the North, sayeth the Lord.
      Like as Babylon hath beaten down and the slain many out of Israel, so shall there fall many, and be slain in all her kingdom. Ye that have escaped the sword, haste you, stand not still, remember the Lord afar off: and think upon Jerusalem, for we were ashamed to hear the blasphemes: our faces were covered with shame, because the strange aliens came into the Sanctuary of the Lord. Wherefore, behold, ( sayeth the Lord ) the time cometh, that I will visit the images of Babylon, and through the whole land they shall mourn and fall. Though Babylon climbeth up into heaven, and keep her power an high: yet shall I send her destroyers, saith the Lord.
      A piteous cry shall be heard from Babylon, and a great misery from the land of the Caldees: when the Lord destroyeth them, and when he driveth out the high stomach and proud boasting, wherewith they have been as furious as the waves of great water floods, For the destroyers shall come upon her ( even upon Babylon ) which shall take her worthies, and break their bows : for God is disposed to avenge himself upon them, and sufficiently to recompense them. Yee ( sayeth the Lord ) I will make their Princes, their wise men, their chief rulers and all their worthies, drunken: so that they shall sleep an everlasting sleep, and never wake: Thus sayeth the King, whose name is the Lord of Hosts.
      Moreover, Thus saith the Lord of Hosts: The thick wall of Babylon shall be broken, and her proud gates shall be burnt up. And the thing that the Gentiles and the people have wrought with great travail and labor, shall come to naught and be consumed with fire.
      This is the charge that Jeremy gave unto Saraiah the son of Neriah, the son of Maasiah, when he went toward Babylon with Zedekiah the King of Judah, in the fourth year of his reign. Now this Saraiah was a peaceable Prince. Jeremy wrote in a book all the misery that should come upon Babylon, yee and all these sermons that be written against Babylon, and gave Saraiah this charge: When thou comest unto Babylon, see that you read all these words, and say: O' Lord, thou art determined to root out this place, so that neither people ner cattle shall dwell there any more, but to lie waste for ever: and when thou hast read out the book, bind a stone to it, and cast it in the midst of Euphrates, and say: Even thus shall Babylon sink, and be thrust down with the burden of trouble, that I will bring upon her: so that she shall *uever come up again. Thus far are the preachings of Jeremy.


*foordes = shallow area were a crossing can be made through water, perhaps like a moat. *senns = a swampy area, perhaps defensive; as it is hard to move quickly through a swamp. *uever (never)




Chapter 52

      Zedekiah was twenty one years old, when he was made king, and he reigned eleven years in Jerusalem. His mothers name was Hamutal, Jeremys daughter of Lobnah. He lived wickedly before the Lord even as Jehoakim did. Wherefore the Lord was angry at Jerusalem and Judah, so long till he had cast them out of his presence. And Zedekiah fell from the King of Babylon. But in the ninth year of his reign, In the tenth Month, the tenth day of the Month it happened, that Nabuchodonosor King of Babylon with all his Host came before Jerusalem, and besieged it, and made them built bulwarks round about it. And this besieging of the city endured unto the eleventh year of King Zedekiah.
      And in the fourth Month, the ninth day of the Month, there was so great hunger in the city: that there were no more vitals for the people of the land. So all the soldiers break away, and fled out of the city by night through the way of the port between the two walls by the Kings garden. Now the Caldees had compassed the city round about, yet went these men their way toward the wilderness.
      And so the Caldees followed upon them, and took Zedekiah the king in the field of Jericho, when his host was run from him. So they carried the king away prisoner to Riblah, unto the King of Babylon in the land of Hemath, where he gave judgment upon him.
      The King of Babylon also caused Zedekiahs sons to be slain before his face, yee and put all the princes of Judah to death at Reblath. Moreover he put out the eyes of Zedekiah, caused him to be bound in chains, to be carried unto Babylon: and let him live in prison, till he died.
      Now the tenth day of the fifth Month, in the *ninth year of Nabuchodonosor King of Babylon, Nabuzaradan the chief captain and the king of Babylons servants came unto Jerusalem, and burnt up the house of the Lord. He burnt up also the kings palace, all the houses and all the gorgeous buildings in Jerusalem. And the whole Host of the Caldees that were with the chief Captain, brake down all the walls of Jerusalem round about.
      As for the poor people and such folk as yet was left in the city, which also were fallen to the King of Babylon, yee and what people as yet remained: Nabuzaradan the chief Captain carried them away prisoners. But the poor people of the country, did Nabuzaradan the chief Captain leave in the land, to occupy the vineyards and fields. The Caldees also brake the brasen pillars that were in the house of the Lord, yee the seat and the brasen *laver that was in the house of the Lord: and carried all the metal of them unto Babylon. They took away also the Caldrons, shovels, flesh hooks, sprinklers, spoons, and all the brasen vessel that was occupied in the service: with the basins, coal pans, sprinklers, pots, candlesticks, spoons and cups: whereof some were of gold, and some silver.
      The chief Captain took also the two pillars, the laver, and the twelve brasen bullocks that stood under the seat, which King Solomon made in the house of the Lord: and all the vessel contained so much metal, that it might not be weighed. For every pillar was eighteen cubits high, and the rope that went about it, was twelve cubits, and four fingers thick and round: Now upon the rope were brasen *knoppes, and every knob was five cubits high: and upon the knobs were *whopes, and pomegranates round about of clean brass.
      After this manner were both the pillars fashioned with the pomegranates, whereof there were an hundred and ninety six pomegranates which hanged upon the hoops round about. The chief Captain also took Sariah the high priest, and Sophoniah that was chief next to him, and the three keepers of the treasury. He took out of the city a chamberlain which was a captain of the soldiers, and seven men that were the kings servants, which were found in the city: and Sepher a captain that used to muster the men of war: with sixty men of the country that were taken in the city. These Nabuzaradan the chief Captain took, and carried them to the king of Babylon unto Reblath: and the King of Babylon caused them to be put to death at Reblath in the land of Hemath. And thus Judah was lead away captive, out of his own land. This is the sum of the people, whom Nabuchodonosor lead away captive.
      In the seventh year of his reign, he carried away captive of the Jews, three thousand and three and twenty. In the eighteenth year Nabuchodonosor carried away from Jerusalem eight hundred thirty two persons. In the twenty third year of Nabuchodonosor Nabuzaradan the chief Captain, took away seven hundred forty five Jews prisoners, The whole sum of all the prisoners, is four thousand and six hundred.
       In the thirty seventh year after that Jehoacin the king of Judah was carried away in the twenty fifth day of the twelfth Month, Evilmerodach King of Babylon ( the same year that he reigned ) gave Jehoacin the king of Judah his pardon, and let him out of prison, and spake lovingly to him. And set his throne above the thrones of the other Kings that were with him in Babylon. He changed also the clothes of his prison, yee and he ate with him all his life long. And he had a continual living given him of the king of Babylon, every day a certain thing allowed him all the days of his life, until he died.


*ninth (kjv and other bibles of man =nineteenth) year.      *laver (large basin)
*knoppes, (knobs or decorative bosses) *whopes (hoops),


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