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The Book of the Prophet Ezechiel

From the Hebrew “God strengthens”


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Chapter 42

      Then carried he me out into the fore court toward the north, and brought me into the chamber that stood over against the back building northward, which had the length of an hundred cubits whose door turned toward the north. The wideness contained fifty cubits: over against the twenty cubits of the inner court, and against the paved work that was in the fore court. Beside all these three, there stood pillars, one over against the other: And before this chamber there was a walking place of ten cubits wide, and within was a way of one cubit wide, and their doors toward the north. Thus the highest chambers were always narrower then the lowest and middle most of the building: for they bare chamber upon chamber, and stood tree together one upon the another not having pillars like the for court: therefore were they smaller then those beneath and in the middle, to *reken from the ground upward.
            The wall without that stood by the chambers toward the utmost court upon the fore side of the chambers, was fifty cubits long: for the length of the utmost chambers in the fore court was fifty cubits also: but the length thereof before the temple was an hundred cubits. These chambers had under them an entrance of the east side, where by a man might go into them from the fore court. through the thick wall of the fore court toward the east, right over against the separated building. Before the same building upon this side there were chambers also which had away unto them, like as the chambers on the north side of the same length and wideness.
      Their entrance, fashion and doors were also of the same manner. Yee even like as the other chamber doors were, so were those also of the south side. And before the way toward the singers steps on the east side, there stood a door to go in at. Then said he unto me: The chambers toward the north and the south which stand before the back of the building: these be holy habitations, where in the priests that do service before the Lord, must eat the most holy offerings: and there must they lay the most holy offerings: meat offerings, sin offerings and the trespass offerings, for it is an holy place. When the priests come therein, they shall not go in to the fore court: but ( seeing they be holy ) they shall leave their clothes of their ministration, and put on other garments, when they have any thing to do with the people.
      Now when he had measured all the inner house, he brought me forth through the east port, and measured the same round about. He measured the east side with the meterod, which round about contained five hundred meterods. And the north side measured he, which contained round about even so much. The other two sides also toward the south and the west ( which he measured ) contained either of them five hundred meterods. So he measured all the four sides where there went a wall round about five hundred meterods long, and as broad also which separated the holy from the unholy.


*Middle English reken, from two Old English words, never meant to stink, but it could refer to a stench while meaning to rise, ascend. It would seem that the various exhalations of heated persons and animals, of freshly shed blood, and of smoke The Old English word reocan, one of two ancestors of our word, meant to emit vapor, steam, or smoke, while the other English ancestor, recan, meant to fumigate, expose to smoke, or to cause to emit smoke, burn incense. RN




Chapter 43

      So he brought me to the door, that turneth toward the east. Behold, then came the glory of the God of Israel from out of the east, whose voice was like a great noise of waters, and the earth was lightened with his glory. His sight to look upon was like the first, that I saw, when I went in, what time as the city should have been destroyed: and like the vision that I saw by the water of Tobar. Then fell I upon my face, but the glory of the Lord came into the house through the East door. So a wind took me up, and brought me to the inner most court: and behold, the house was filled with the glory of the Lord.
      I heard one speaking unto me out of the house, and there stood one by me, that said unto me: O thou son of man, this *rowme is my feet, and the place of my fore steps: where as I will dwell among the children of Israel for evermore: so that the house of Israel shall no more defile my holy name: neither they, nor their kings, through their whoredom, through their high places, and through the dead bodies of their kings: which have builded their thresholds in manner hard upon my thresholds, and their posts almost at my posts: so that there is but a bare wall between me and them.
      Thus have they defiled my holy name with their abominations, that they have committed. Wherefore I have destroyed them in my wrath: But now they shall put away their whoredom, and the dead bodies of their kings out of my sight, that I may dwell among them for evermore. Therefore ( O thou son of man ) show thou the household of Israel a temple, that they may be ashamed of their wickedness, and measure themselves an example thereat.
      And when they be ashamed of all their works, then show them the form and fashion of the temple: the coming in, the going out, and all the manner and description thereof, yee all the uses and ordinances of it, that they may keep and fulfill all the fashions and customs thereof.
      This is the description of the house: Above upon the mount round about all the corners, it shall be the holiest of all. Behold, that is the description and fashion of the house. This is the measure of the altar ( after the true cubit: which is a span longer then another cubit ) his bottom in the middlest was a cubit long and wide, and the ledge that went round it, was a span broad. This is the height of the altar: from the ground to the lower steps the length of two cubits, and the breadth one cubit: and from the lower steps to the higher are four cubits, and the breadth but one cubit.
      The altar was four cubits high, and from the altar upward stood four horns, and it was twelve cubits long and twelve cubits broad, upon the four corners: the covering of the altar was fourteen cubits long and fourteen and broad upon the four corners, and the ledge that went round about, had half a cubit: and the bottom thereof round about one cubit: his steps stood toward the East. And he said unto me: Thou son of man, thus saith the Lord God: These are the ordinances and laws of the altar, in the day when it is made to offer burnt offerings, and to sprinkle blood there upon. To the priests, to the Levites that be of the seed of Sadoch, and tread before me to do me service, saith the Lord God: Unto these give thou a young bullock, for a sin offering: and take the blood of him and sprinkle his four horns withal and the four corners of the altar covering, with the ledge that goeth round about: here with thou shall cleanse it, and reconcile it. Thou shalt take the bullock also of the sin offering, and burn him in a *several place without the Sanctuary.
      The next day, take a gootbuck without blemish for a sin offering, to reconcile the altar withal: like as it was reconciled with the bullock. Now when thou hast made it clean, then offer a young bullock without blemish, and a ram out of the flock without blemish also. Offer them before the Lord, and let the priest cast salt there upon, and give them so unto the Lord for a burnt offering. Seven days shalt thou bring, every day a *gootbuck. A young bullock, and a ram out of the flock ( both without blemish ) shall they offer. Seven days shall they reconcile and cleanse the altar, and offer upon it. When these days are expired, then upon the eighth day and so forth, the priests shall offer their burnt offerings and health offerings upon the altar, so will I be merciful unto you, saith the Lord God.


*rowme (room) *several= distinctly different. *gootbuck=goat / male




Chapter 44

      After this, he brought me again to the outward door of the Sanctuary on the East side, and that was shut. Then said the Lord unto me: This door shall be still shut, and not opened for any man to go through it, but only for the Lord God of Israel: Yee he shall go through it, else shall it be shut still. The prince himself shall come through it, that he may eat bread before the Lord. At the porch shall he come in, and there shall he go out again. Then brought he me to the door, upon the North side of the house. And as I looked about me, behold, the glory of the Lord filled the house: and I fell down upon my face. So the Lord spoke unto me: O thou son of man, fasten this to thine heart, behold, and take diligent heed to all that I will say unto thee, concerning all the ordinances of the Lord and all his laws: ponder well with thine heart the coming in of the house and the going forth of the Sanctuary: And tell that obstinate household of Israel: Thus saith the Lord God: O house of Israel: yee have now doe enough with all your abominations, seeing that ye have brought into my Sanctuary strangers, having uncircumcised hearts, and flesh, where through my Sanctuary is defiled, when ye offer me bread, fat, and blood.
      Thus with all your abominations ye have broken my covenant, and not kept the holy ordinances of my Sanctuary, even after your own mind. Therefore thus saith the Lord God: Of all the strangers that dwell among the children of Israel, no stranger,( whos heart and flesh is not circumcised ) shall come within my Sanctuary: No nor the Levites that are gone back from me, and have deceived the people of Israel with all errors, going after their idols: therefore they shall bear their own wickedness. Should they be set and ordained to minister under the doors of the house of my Sanctuary? And to do service in the house: to slay burnt offerings and sacrifices for the people: to stand before them, and to serve them: seeing the service that do them, is before their Idols, and cause the house of Israel to stumble through the wickednesses? For the which cause I have plucked out mine hand over them, ( saith the Lord God ) so that now they must bear their own iniquity, and not come near me, to serve me with their priesthood, in my Sanctuary, and most holiest of all: that they may bear their own shame and abominations, which they have done. Should I use them to be porters of the house, and to all the service that is done therein? But the Priests the Levites sons of Sadoch, that kept the holy ordinances of my Sanctuary, when the children of Israel were gone from me: shall come to me, to do me service, to stand before me, and to offer me the fat and the blood, saith the Lord God.
      They shall go into my Sanctuary, and tread down before my table, to do me service, and wait upon my ordinances. Now when they go in at the doors of the innermost court: they shall put on linen clothes, so that no woolen come upon them, while they do service under the doors of the inner court, and within. They shall have fair linen bonnets upon their heads, and linen breeches upon their loins, which in their labor they shall not put about them: And when they go forth to the people in to the outward court, they shall put off their clothes, wherein they ministered, and lay them in the habitation of the Sanctuary, and put on other apparel, least they unhallow the people with their clothes.
      They shall not shave their heads, nor nourish the bush of their hair, but round their heads only. All the priests that go in to the inmost court, shall drink no wine. They shall marry no widow, neither one that is put from her husband: but a maiden of the seed of the house of Israel, or a widow, that hath had a priest before.
      They shall show my people the difference between the holy and unholy, between the clean and unclean. If any discord arise, they shall discern it, and give sentence after my judgements. My solemn feasts, my laws and ordinances shall they keep, and hallow my Sabbaths. They shall come at no dead person, to defile themselves ( except it be father or mother, son or daughter, brother or sister that hath had yet no husband ) in such they may be defiled.
      And when he is cleansed, there shall be reckoned unto him seven days: and if he go in to the Sanctuary again to do service, he shall bring a sin offering, saith the Lord God. They shall have an heritage, yee I myself will be their heritage: else shall ye give them no possession in Israel, for I am their possession. The meat offering, sin offering, and trespass offering shall they eat, and every dedicate thing in Israel, shall be theirs. The firstlings of all the firstfruits, and all the free will offerings shall be the priests.
      Ye shall give unto the priest also the firstlings of your dough, that God may prosper the residue. But no dead carrion shall the priest eat, nor such as is devoured of wild beasts, fouls or cattle.




Chapter 45

      When ye divide the land by the lot, ye shall put aside one part for the Lord, to be holy from other lands: namely twenty five thousand meterods long, and ten thousand broad. This shall be holy, as wide as it is round about. Of this part there shall belong unto the Sanctuary, five hundred meterods in all the four corners, and fifty cubits wide round about to the suburbs. And of this measure, namely of the twenty five thousand meterods long, and ten thousand broad, thou shalt measure, wherin the Sanctuary and the highest of all may stand.
      The residue of that holy ground shall be the priests, which do serve in the Sanctuary of the Lord, and go in to the Lord to serve him, that they may have room to dwell in.
      As for the Sanctuary, it shall stand for itself: and to the Levites that serve in the house, there shall be given twenty habitations, of the twenty five thousand length and ten thousand breadth: ye shall give also unto the city a possession of five thousand meterrods broad, and twenty five thousand long, beside the part of the Sanctuary: that shall be for the whole house of Israel. Upon both sides of the Sanctuarys part, and by the city, there shall be given unto the prince, whatsoever lieth over against the city, as far as reacheth westward and eastward: which shall be as long as one part, from the west to the east.
      This shall be his own land in Israel, that my princes be no more chargeable unto my people. And such as remaineth yet over in the land, shall be given unto the house of Israel according to their tribes. Thus saith the Lord God: O ye princes, ye have now oppressed and destroyed enough: now leave off, handle now according to the thing, that is equal and lawful: and thrust out my people no more, saith the Lord God. Ye shall have a true weight, and a true *Ephah, and a true *Bath. The Ephah and the Bath shall be alike. One Bath shall contain the tenth part of an Homer, and so shall one Ephah do: their measure shall be after the Homer. *One Sicle maketh twenty *Geras. So twenty Sicles, and twenty five and fifteen Sicles make a pound. This is the heave offering, that ye shall give to be heaved: namely, the sixteenth part of an Ephah, out of an Homer of wheat: and the sixteenth part of an Ephah, out of an Homer of barley. The oil shall be measured with the Bath: even the tent part of one Bath out of a *Cor. Ten baths make one Homer: for one homer filleth ten Baths. And one lamb from two hundred sheep out of the pasture of Israel, for a meatoffering, burnt offering and health offering, to reconcile them, sayeth the Lord God. All the people of the land will give this heave offering with a free will. Again, it shall be the princes part to offer burnt offerings, meat offerings, and drink offerings unto the Lord, in the holy days, new Moons, Sabbaths, and in all the high feasts of the house of Israel. The sin offering, meat offering, burnt offering and health offering shall he give, to reconcile the house of Israel. Thus sayeth the Lord God: The first day of the first month thou shalt take a young bullock without blemish, and cleanse the Sanctuary. So the priest shall take the blood of the sin offering, and sprinkle it upon the posts of the house, and upon the four corners of the altar, with the door posts of the innermost court. And thus thou shalt do also the seventh day of the month, for such as have sinned of ignorance, or being deceived, to reconcile the house withal. Upon the fourteenth day of the first month ye shall keep Easter. Seven days shall the feast continue, wherein there shall no sour or leavened bread be eaten.      
      Upon the same day shall the prince give for himself and all the people of the land, a bullock for a sin offering. And in the feast of the seven days he shall offer every day a bullock and a ram, that are without blemish, for a burnt offering unto the Lord: and an he goat daily for a sin offering. For the meat offerings, he shall give ever an Ephah to a bullock, an Ephah to a ram, and an Hin of oil to an Ephah. Upon the fifteenth day of the seventh month, he shall keep the seven days holy one after another, even as the other seven days: with the sin offering, burnt offering, meat offering, and with the oil.


...example; word= common use,{ Hebrew root ] *Ephah=a dry measure of quantity { in need, poor, needy person, subject to oppression and abuse] *Bath= a unit of liquid measure {destruction]* Homer=a unit of dry measure {clay mire heap swelling, surging (of water)to give up destruction *One Sicle=the chief unit of weight or measure {to weigh out (a price) of grief] *pound=maneh, mina, pound { to count, reckon, assign, appoint] *Geras=a weight,{"God-given"] *Cor=a measure { go astray, perish vanish RN




Chapter 46

      Thus saith the Lord God: the door of the innermost court toward the East, shall be shut the six working days: but in the Sabbath and in the day of the new Moon, it shall be opened. Then shall the prince come under the door porch, and stand still without by the door check. So the priests shall offer up his burnt and health offerings. And he shall worship at the door post, and go his way forth again: but the door shall no more be shut till the evening.
      On the same manner shall the people of the land also do their worship before the Lord, without this door upon the Sabbaths and new Moons. This is now the burnt offering, that the prince shall bring unto the Lord upon the Sabbath: fair lambs without blemish, and an Ephah for a meat offering, with the ram. As for the lambs, he may give as many meat offerings to them, as he will, and an Hin of oil to an Ephah. In the day of the new month, it shall be a young bullock without blemish, six lambs and a ram also without blemish. With the bullock he shall give an Ephah, and with the ram an Ephah also for a meat offering: but to the lambs, what he may come by: And ever an Hin of oil to an Ephah. When the prince cometh, he shall go under the door of the porch, and even there depart forth again. But when the people of the land come before the Lord in the high solemn feast, as many as come in by the North door to do worship, shall go out again at the South door. And they that come in by the South door shall go forth again by the North door. There shall none go out by the door where he came in, but shall go forth right over on the other side, and the prince shall go in and out among them.
      Upon the solemn and high feast days, this shall be the meat offering: an Ephah to a bullock and an Ephah to a ram, and to the lambs: as many as he will, but ever an Hin of oil to an Ephah. Now when the prince bringeth a burnt offering or an health offering with a free will unto the Lord, the East door shall be opened unto him, that he may do with his burnt and health offerings, as he doeth on the Sabbath, and when he goeth forth, the door shall shut after him again. He shall daily bring unto the Lord a lamb of a year old without blemish for a burnt offering: this shall he do every morning. And for a meat offering he shall give the sixth part of an Ephah, and the third part of an Hin of oil ( to mingle with the cakes ) every morning. Yee this shall be a daily meat offering unto the Lord, for an everlasting ordinance: And thus shall the lamb, the meat offering and the oil be given every morning, for a daily burnt offering.
      Moreover, thus saith the Lord God: If the prince give a gift unto any of his sons, then it shall it be his sons heritage perpetual, that he may possess it. But if he will give one of his servants some of his heritage, it shall be his to the free year, and then to return again unto the prince: for his inheritance shall be his sons only. The prince shall take none of the peoples inheritance, nor put them from their possession: but to his own sons shall he give his possession, that my people be not scattered abroad, but that every man may have his own.
      And he brought me through the entrance at the side of the door to the habitation of the Sanctuary, that belongeth to the priests and stood toward the north, and behold, there was a place upon the west side, then said he unto me: This is the place, where the priests shall *dight the trespass and sin offerings, and bake the meat offerings: that they need not bear them in to the outward court, and so to unhallow the people. So he brought me into the utmost court, round about all the four corners. Behold, in every corner of the fore court, there was yet a little court. Yee in all the four corners of the court, there was made a little court of forty cubits long, and thirty broad: these four little courts were of one like measure, and there went a rigge wall round about them all four, under the which there were hearths made round about. Then said he unto me: This is the kitchen, where the ministers of the house shall *dight the slain offerings of the people.


*dight (boil)




Chapter 47

      After this he brought me again before the door of the house: and behold, there gushed out waters from under the posts of the house eastward ( for the house stood toward the east ) that ran down upon the right side of the house, which layeth to the altar southward. Then carried he me out to the north door, and brought me forth there round about by the uttermost door that turneth east ward. Behold, there came forth the water upon the right side. Now when the man that had the meterod in his hand went unto the east door, he measured a thousand cubits, and then he brought me through the water, even to the ankles: so he measured yet a thousand, and brought me through the water again unto the knees: yet measured he a thousand, and brought me through the waters to the loins. After this he measured a thousand again, then was it such a river, that I might not wade through it: The water was so deep, that it was needful to have swimmed, for it might not be waded over. And he said unto me: hast thou seen this, O thou son of man ? And with that, he brought me to the river bank again.
      Now when I came there, there stood many trees upon either side of the river bank. Then said he unto me: This water that floweth out toward the East, and runneth down into the plain field, cometh into the sea: and from the sea it runneth out, and maketh the waters whole. Yee all that live and move, where unto this river cometh shall recover. And where this river cometh, there shall be much fish, For all that cometh to this water, shall be lusty and whole. By this river shall the fishers stand from Engadi unto En Eglaim, and there spread out their nets: for there shall be great heaps of fish, like as in the main sea. As for his clay and pits, they shall not be whole, for why, it shall be occupied for salt.
      By this river upon both the sides of the shore, there shall grow all manner of fruitful trees, whose leaves shall not fall off, neither shall their fruit perish: but be ripe at their months, for their water runneth out of the Sanctuary. His fruit is good to eat, and his leaf profitable for medicine. Thus saith the Lord God: Let this be the border, wherein ye shall divide the land unto the twelve tribes of Israel, with a line. Part it indifferently unto one as unto another: of the which land I swore unto your fathers, that it should fall to your inheritance.
      This is the border of the land upon the north side, from the main sea, as men go to Zadada: namely Hemath, Berotha, Sabarim: from the borders of Damascus and Hemath unto Hazar Tichon, and that liveth upon the coasts of Haueran. Thus the borders from the sea forth, shall be Hazar Euan, the border of Damascus the North, and the borders of Hemath. That is the north part.
      The east is, from Haueran and Damascus, from Gilead and the land of Israel by Jordan and so forth, from the sea coast, that layeth eastward. And this is the East part.
      The south side is, from Thamar forth to the waters of strife unto Cades, the river, to the main sea: and this is the south part.
      The west part: namely the great sea from the borders thereof, till a man come unto Hemath: this is the west part.
      This land shall ye part among you, according to the tribes of Israel, and divide it to be an inheritance for you, and for the strangers that dwell among you, and begotten children. For ye shall take them among the children of Israel, like as they were of your own household and country, and they shall have heritage with you among the children of Israel.
      Look in what tribe the stranger dwelleth, in the same tribe ye shall give him his heritage, saith the Lord God.




Chapter 48

      These are the names of the tribes that lie upon the north side, by of the way of Hetlon, till thou comest unto Hemath and Hazar Enam, the borders of Damascus toward the north side Hamath: Dan shall have his portion from east quarter to the west. Upon the borders of Dan from the east side unto the west, shall Asser have his portion. Upon the borders of Asher from the east part unto the west shall Nephthali have his portion.
      Upon the borders of Nephthali from the east quarter unto the west, shall Manasses have his portion. Upon the borders of Manasses from the east side unto the west, shall Ephraim have his portion. Upon the borders of Ephraim from the east part unto the west, shall Ruben have his portion. Upon the borders Reuben from the east quarter unto the west shall Judah have his portion. Upon the borders of Judah from the east part unto the west, ye shall set aside one portion of twenty five thousand meterods long and broad, ( like as another portion from the east side unto the west ) wherein the Sanctuary shall stand.
      As for the portion, that ye shall separate out for the Lord, it shall be twenty five thousand meterods long, and ten thousand broad. Which separated holy portion shall belong to these: namely to the priests, toward the north twenty five thousand and toward the west ten thousand broad, toward the east ten thousand broad also, and toward south twenty five thousand long, wherein the Sanctuary of the Lord shall stand. Yee this same place shall be the priests, that are the children of Sadock, and have kept my holy ordinance: which went not astray in the error of the children of Israel, like as the Levites are gone astray: and this separated piece that they have of the land shall be the most holy, hard upon the borders of the Levites. And next unto the priests, shall the Levites have twenty five thousand long, and ten thousand broad. This shall be on every side twenty five thousand long, and ten thousand broad. Of this portion they shall sell nothing, nor make any permutation there of, least the chief of the land fall unto other, for it is hallowed unto the Lord.
      And the other five thousand after the breadth and length by the twenty five thousand shall be common: it shall belong to the city and to the suburbs for habitations, and the city shall stand in the midst thereof. Let this be the measure toward the north part four thousand and five hundred, toward the south part four thousand and five hundred, the east part four thousand and five hundred, toward the west part four thousand and five hundred.
      The suburbs hard upon the city, shall have toward the north two hundred and fifty, and toward the south two hundred and fifty, and toward the east two hundred and fifty, and toward the west also two hundred and fifty. As for the residue of the length, that lieth hard upon the separated holy ground: namely ten thousand toward the east, and ten thousand toward the west, next unto the holy portion: it and the increase thereof shall serve for their meat, that labor in the city. They that labor for the wealth of the city, shall maintain this also, out of what tribe soever they be in Israel.
      All that is separated of the twenty five thousand long and twenty five thousand broad on the four parts, that shall ye put aside for the separated portion of the Sanctuary, and for the possession of the city. The residue upon both the sides of the Sanctuary and the possession of the city, shall belong to the prince, before the place of the twenty five thousand westward, unto the borders of the city: this shall be the princes portion. This shall be the holy place, and the house of the Sanctuary shall stand in the midst. Moreover from the Levites and from the cities possession, that lie in the midst of the princes part: look what remaineth between the border of Judah and the border of Benjamin, it shall be the princes.
Now of the other tribes.
      From the east part unto the west, shall Benjamin shall have his portion. Upon the borders of Benjamin from the east side unto the west, shall Simeon have his portion. Upon the borders of Simeon from the east part unto the west, shall Izakar have his portion. Upon the borders of Izakar from the east side unto the west, shall Sabulon have his portion. Upon the borders of Sabulon from the east part unto the west, shall Gad have his portion. Upon the borders of Gad southward, the coasts shall reach from Thamar forth unto the waters of strife to Cades, and to the flood, even to the main sea.
      This is the land with his portions, which ye shall distribute unto the tribes of Israel, saith the Lord God. Thus wide shall the city reach: upon the north part four thousand and five hundred measures. The ports of the city, shall have the names of the tribes of Israel. Three ports of the north side: one Ruben, another Judah, the third Levi.
      Upon the east side four thousand and five hundred measures, with three ports: the one Joseph, another Benjamin, the third Dan. Upon the south side four thousand and five hundred measures, with three ports: the one Simeon, another Izakar, the third Sabulon. And upon the west side four thousand and five hundred measures, with three ports also, the one Gad, another Asser, the third Nephthali. Thus shall it have eighteen thousand measures round about. And from that time forth, the name of the city shall be: the Lord is there.


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