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The Book of the Prophet Ezechiel

From the Hebrew “God strengthens”


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Chapter 9

      He cried also with a loud voice in mine ears, saying: Come her ye rulers of the city, every man with his *wrapened hand to the slaughter. Then came there six men out of the street of the upper port toward the north, and every man a weapon in his hand to the slaughter. There was one amongst them, that had on him a linen rayment, and a writers inkhorn by his side.
      These went in, and stood beside the brazen alter: for the glory of the Lord was gone away from the Cherub, and was come down to the threshold of the house, and he called the man that had the linen rayment upon him, and the writers inkhorn by his side, and the Lord said unto him: Go thy way through the city of Jerusalem, and set this mark *Thau upon the foreheads of them, that mourn and are sorry for all the abominations, that be done therein. And to the other, he said that I might hear: Go ye after him through the city, slay, oversee none, spare none: kill and destroy both old man and young, maidens children and wives. But as for those, that have this mark Thau upon them: see that ye touch them not, and begin at my Sanctuary. Then they began at the elders, which were in the temple, for he had said unto them: When ye have defiled the temple, and filled the court with the slain, then go your way forth. So they went out, and slew down through the city. Now when they had done the slaughter, and I yet escaped: I fell down upon my face, and cried saying: O' Lord, wilt thou then destroy all the residue of Israel, in thy sore displeasure, that thou hast poured out upon Jerusalem? Then said he unto me: The wickedness of the house of Israel and Juda is very great: so that the land is full of blood, and the city full of unfaithfulness: For they say: Tush the Lord regardeth not the earth, he seeth us not. Therefore will I upon them, mine eye shall not oversee them, neither will I spare them, but will recompense their wickedness upon their heads. And behold, the man that had the linen rayment upon him, and the writers inkhorn by his side: told all the matter how it happened, and said: Lord, as thou hast commanded me, so have I done.


*wrapened= "covered hand"




Chapter 10

      And as I looked, behold, in the firmament that was above the cherubins there appeared the similitude of a stole of sapphire upon them: Then said he that sat therin, to him that had the linen rayment upon him: Creep in between the wheels that are under the Cherubins, and take thine hand full of hot coals out from between the Cherubins, and cast them over the city. And he crept in, that I might see.
      Now the Cherubins stood on the right side of the house, when the man went in, and the cloud filled the *innermer court. But the glory of the Lord removed from the Cherubins, and came upon the threshold of the house: so that the temple was full of clouds, and the court was full of the shine of the Lords glory. Yee and the sound of the Cherubins wings were heard into the fore court, like as it had been the voice of the almighty God, when he speaketh. Now when he had bidden the man that was clothed in linen, to go and take the hot coals from the midst of the wheels, which were under the Cherubins: he went and stood beside the wheels. Then the one Cherubin reached froth his hand from under the Cherubins, unto the fire that was between the Cherubins, and to take thereof, and to give it unto him that had on the linen raiment in his hand: which he took it, and went out. And under the wings of the Cherubins, there appeared the likeness of a mans hand: I saw also four wheels beside the Cherubins, so that by every Cherib stood a wheel. And the wheels were (to look upon) after the fashion of the precious stone of Tharsis: yet ( unto the sight ) were they fashioned and like, as if one wheel had been in another.
      When they went forth, they went all four together, not turning about in their going: But where the first went, thither they went also, so they turned not about in their going. Their whole bodies, their backs, their hands and wings, yee and the wheels also, were all full of eyes round about them all four. And I heard him call the wheels, Galgal (that is ) a round *boule. Every one of them had four faces: so that the one face was the face of a Cherub, the second of a man, the third of a lion, the fourth of an Eagle, and they were lifted up above. This is the beast, that I saw at the water of Cobar Now when the Cherubins went, the wheels went with them, and when the Cherubins shook their wings to lift themselves upward, the wheels remained no behind, but were with them also. Shortly, when they stood, these stood also: And when they were lift up, the wheels were lift up also with them, for the spirit of life was in the wheels.
      Then the glory of the Lord was lift up from the threshold of the temple, and remained upon the Cherubins: And the Cherubins flackered with their wings, and lift themselves up from the earth: so that I saw when they went, and the wheels with them. And they stood at the east side of the port that is in the house of the Lord. So the glory of the Lord was upon them. This is the beast that I saw under the God of Israel, by the water of Cobar. And I perceived, that it was the Cherubins. Every one had four faces and every one four wings, and under their wings, as it were mens hands. Now the figure of their faces was, even as I had seen them, by the water of Cobar, and so was the countenance of them: Every one in his going went straight forward.


*innermer (innermost) *boule=legislature




Chapter 11

      Moreover, the spirit of the Lord lift me up, and brought me unto the east port of the Lords house. And beholds, there were twenty five men under the door among whom I saw Jaazaniah the son of Azur, and Pheltiah the son of Bananiah, the rulers of the people. Then said the Lord unto me: Thou son of man: these men imagine mischief, and a wicked counsel take they in this city, saying: Tush, there is no destruction at hand, let us build houses: this Jerusalem is the cauldron, and we be the flesh. Therefore shalt thou prophecy unto them, yee prophecy shalt thou unto them, O son of man. And with that fell the spirit of the Lord upon me, and said unto me: Speak, thus sayeth the Lord: On this manner have ye spoken ( O ye house of Israel ) and I know the imaginations of your hearts. Many one have ye murdered in this city, and filled the streets full of the slain. Therefore, thus sayeth the Lord God: The slain men that ye have layed on the ground in this city, are the flesh, and this city is the cauldron: But I will bring you out of it: ye have drawn out the sword, even so I also bring a sword over you, sayeth the Lord God. I will drive you out of this city and deliver you into your enemies hand, and will condemn you. Ye shall be slain in all the coasts of Israel, I will be avenged of you: to learn you for to know, that I am the Lord. This city shall not be your cauldron, neither shall ye be the flesh therin: but in the coasts of Israel will I punish you, that ye may know, that I am the Lord, in whos commandments ye have not walked, nor kept his laws: but you have done after the customs of the Heathen, that lie around about you.
      Now when I preached, Pheltiah the son of Bananiah died. Then fell I down upon my face, and cried with a loud voice: O' Lord God, wilt thou then utterly destroy all the remnant of Israel? And so the word of the Lord came to me on this manner: thou son of man: thy brethren, thy kinfolk, and the whole house of Juda, which dwell at Jerusalem, say: They be gone far from the Lord, but the land is given us in possession. Therefore tell them thus sayeth the Lord God: I will send you far off among the Gentiles, and scatter you among the nations, and I will hallow you but a little, in the lands where ye shall come. Tell them also, thus sayeth the Lord God: I will gather you again out of the nations, and bring you from the countries were ye be scattered, and will give you the land of Israel again: And thither shall ye come. And as for all impediments, and all your abominations: I will take them away.
      And I will give you one heart, and I will plant a new spirit within your bowels. That stony heart will I take out of your body, and give you a fleshly heart: that ye may walk in my commandments, and keep mine ordinances, and do them: that ye may be my people, and I your God. But look whose hearts are disposed to follow their abominations and wicked livings: those mens deeds will I bring upon their own heads, sayeth the Lord God. After this did the Cherubins lift up their wings, and the wheels went with them, and the glory of the Lord was upon them. So the glory of the Lord went up from the midst of the city, and stood upon the mount of the city toward the east. But the wind took me up, and in a vision ( which came by the spirit of God ) it brought me again into the Caldea among the prisoners. Then the vision that I had seen, vanished away from me. So I spake unto the prisoners, all the words of the Lord, which he had showed me.




Chapter 12

     The word of the Lord came unto me, saying: Thou son of man, thou dwellest in the midst of a froward household: which have eyes to see, and see not: ears have they to hear, and yet hear they not, for they are an obstinate household. Therefore, (O thou son of man ), make thy gear ready to flit, and go forth by fair daylight, that they may see. Yee even in their sight shalt thou go from thy place to another place: if peradventure they will consider, that they be an unobedient household. Thy gear that thou hast made ready to flit withal, shalt thou bear out by fair day light, that they may see: and thou thyself shalt go forth also at even in their sight, as a man doth when he fliteth. Dig through the wall, that they may see: and bear through it the same thing, that thou tookest up in their sight. As for thyself, thou shalt go forth in the dark. Hyde thy face that thou see not the earth, for I have made thee a show token unto the house of Israel. Now as the Lord commanded me, so I did: the gear that I had made ready, I brought out by day. At even I broke down an hole through the wall with mine hand: and when it was dark, I took up the gear upon my shoulders and bare them out in their sight.
      And in the morning, came the word of the Lord unto me, saying: Thou son of man, if Israel that froward household ask thee and say: What doest thou there? Then tell them: Thus saith the Lord God: This punishment toucheth the chief rulers at Jerusalem, and all the house of Israel, that dwell among them. Tell them I am your show token: like as I have done, so shall it happen unto you: flit shall ye also, and go into captivity. The cheifest that is among you, shall laden his shoulders in the dark, and get him away. He shall break down the wall, to carry stuff there through: he shall cover his face, that he see not the ground, with his eyes. My line will I spread out upon him, and catch him in my net, and carry him to Babylon, in the land of the Chaldees: which he shall not see, and yet shall he shall die there. As for all his helpers, and all his Hosts, that be about him, I will scatter them toward all the winds, and draw out the sword after them. So when I have scattered them among the Heathen, and strewn them in the lands, they shall know, that I am the Lord. But, I will leave a little number of them from the sword, hunger and pestilence: to tell all their abominations among the Heathen, where they come: that they may know, how that I am the Lord.
      Moreover, the word of the Lord came unto me saying: Thou son of man: with fearful trembling thou shalt eat thy bread, with carefulness and sorrow shalt thou drink thy water. And unto the people of the land, speak thou on this manner: Thus saith the Lord God, to them that dwell in Jerusalem, and to the land of Israel: Ye shall eat your bread with sorrow, and drink your water with heaviness: Yee the land with the fullness thereof shall be laid waste, for the wickedness of them that dwell therin. And the cities that now be well occupied, shall be void, and the land desolate: that ye may know, that I am the Lord.
      Yet came the word of the Lord unto me again, saying: Thou son of man, what manner of by word is that, which ye use in the land of Israel, saying: Tush, seeing that the days are so slack in coming, all the visions are of none effect: Tell them therefore, thus saith the Lord God: I will make that byword to cease, so that it shall nomore be commonly used in Israel.
      But say this unto them: The days are at hand, that everything which hath been prophesied, shall be fulfilled. There shall no vision be in vain, neither any prophecy fail among the children of Israel: For it is I the Lord that speak it: and whatsoever, I the Lord speak, it shall be performed, and not be slacken in coming.
      Yee even in your days ( O ye froward household ) will I devise something, and bring it to pass, sayeth the Lord God. And the word of the Lord came unto me saying: Behold, thou son of man: The house of Israel say in this manner: Tush as for the vision that he hath seen, it will be many a day or it come to pass: Is it far off yet, the thing that he propheceth. Therefor say unto them: Thus sayeth the Lord: All my words shall no more be slack: Look what I speak, that same shall come to pass, sayeth the Lord.




Chapter 13

      The word of the Lord came unto me, saying: Thou son of man, speak prophesy against those prophets, that preach in Israel: and say thou unto them that prophesy out of their own hearts: Hear ye the word of the Lord, thus saith the Lord God: Woe be unto those foolish prophets, that follow their own spirit, and speak where they have seen nothing. O Israel, thy prophets are like the foxes upon the dry field: For they stand not in the gaps, neither made they an hedge for the house of Israel, that men might abide the peril in the day of the Lord. Vain things they see, and tell lies, to maintain their preachings withal. The Lord ( saith they ) hath spoke it, when in very deed the Lord hath not sent them. Vain visions have ye seen, and spoken false prophesies, when ye say: the Lord hath spoken it where as I never said it.
      Therefore, thus saith the Lord God: Because your words are vain, and ye seek out lies: Behold, I will upon you, saith the Lord. Mine hands shall come upon the prophets that look out vain things, and preach lies: they shall not be in the counsel of my people, nor shall they be written in the book of the house of Israel, neither shall they come in the land of Israel: that ye shall know, how that I am the Lord God. And that for this cause: they have deceived my people, and told them of peace, where no peace was. One seteth up a wall, and they daub it with loose clay. Therefore tell them that daub it with untempered mortar, that it shall fall. For there shall come a great shower of rain, great stones shall fall upon it, and a sore storm of wind shall break it, so shall that wall come down. Shall it not then be said unto you: where is now the mortar, that ye daubed it withal? Therefore thus saith the Lord God: I will break out in my wrothfull displeasure with a stormy wind, so that in mine anger there shall come a mighty shower of rain, and hailstones in my wrath, to destroy withal.
      As for the wall, that ye have daubed with untempered mortar, I will break it down, make it even with the ground: so the foundation thereof shall remove, and it shall fall, yee and ye yourselves shall perish in the midst thereof: to learn you for to know, that I am the Lord. Thus will I perform my wrath upon this wall, and upon them that have daubed it with untempered mortar, and then will I say unto you: The wall is gone, and the daubers are away. These are the prophets of Israel, which prophesy unto the city of Jerusalem, and look out visions of peace for them, where as no peace is, saith the Lord God. Wherefore ( O thou son of man ) set thy face against the daughters of thy people, which prophesy out of their own hearts: and speak thou prophesy against them, and say: Thus saith the Lord God: Woe be unto you, that sew pillows under all armholes, and bolsters under the heads both of young and old, to catch souls withal. For when ye have gotten the souls of my people in your captivity, ye promise them life, and dishonor me to my people, for a handful of barley, and for a piece of bread: when ye kill the souls of them, that die not, and promise life to them, that live not: Thus ye dissemble with my people, that believeth your lies.
      Wherefore thus saith the Lord God: Behold, I will also upon your pillows, wherewith ye catch the souls in flying: them will I take from your arms, and let the souls go, that ye catch in flying. Your bolsters also will I tear in pieces, and deliver my people out of your hand: so that they shall come no more in your hands to be spoiled, and ye shall know, that I am the Lord. Seeing that with your lies you discomfort the heart of the righteous, whom I have not discomforted: Again: For so much as ye courage the hand of the wicked, so that he may not turn from his wicked way, and live: therefore shall ye spy out no more vanity, nor prophecy your own guessings: for I will deliver my people out of your hand, that ye may know, how that I am the Lord.




Chapter 14

      There resorted unto me certain of the elders of Israel, and sat by me. Then came the word of the Lord unto me, saying: Thou son of man, these men bare their idols in their heart, and go purposely upon the stumbling block of their own wickedness: how dare they then ask counsel at me? Therefore speak unto them, and say: thus saith the Lord God: Every man of the house of Israel that beareth his Idols in his heart, purposing to stumble in his own wickedness, and cometh to a prophet, to inquire anything at me by him: unto that man will I the Lord myself give answer, according to the multitude of his idols: that the house of Israel may be snared in their own hearts, because they be clean gone from me, for their idols sakes.
      Wherefore, tell the house of Israel: thus saith the Lord God: Be converted, forsake your idols, and turn your faces from all your abominations. For every man, ( whether he be of the house of Israel or a stranger, that sojourneth in Israel ) which departeth from me, and carrieth idols in his heart, purposing to go still stumbling in his own wickedness, and cometh to a Prophet, for to ask counsel at me through him: unto that man will I the Lord give answer, by mine own self. I will set my face against that man, And will make him an example for other, yee and a common byword: and will root him out of my people, that he may know, how that I am the Lord. And if that Prophet be deceived, when he telleth him a word: then I the Lord myself have deceived that Prophet, and will stretch forth mine hand upon him, to root him out of my people Israel: and they both shall be punished for their wickedness. According to the sin of him that asketh, shall the sin of the Prophet be: that the house of Israel be led no more away from me through error, and be no more defiled in their wickedness: but that they may be my people, and I their God, sayeth the Lord God. And the word of the Lord came unto me, saying: Thou son of man, when the land sinneth against me, and goeth forth in wickedness: I will stretch out mine hand upon it, and destroy all the provision of their bread, and send *dirth upon them, to destroy man and beast in the land. And though Noe, Daniel and Job these three men were among them, yet shall they in their righteousness deliver but their own souls, saith the Lord God. If I bring noisome beasts into the land, to waste it up, and it be so desolate, that no man may go therein for beasts: if these three men were also in the land, as truly as I live, ( saith the Lord God ) they shall save neither sons nor daughters, but be only delivered themselves: as for the land it shall be waste.
      Or if I bring a sword into the land, and charge it to go through the land: so that, I slay down man and beast in it, and if these three men were therein: as truly as I live, ( saith the Lord God ) they shall deliver neither sons nor daughters, but only be saved themselves. If I send a pestilence into that land, and pour out my sore indignation upon it in blood, so that I root out of it both man and beast, and if Noe, Daniel and Job, were therin: as truly as I live, ( saith the Lord God ) they shall deliver neither sons nor daughters, but save their own souls in their righteousness. Moreover, thus saith the Lord God: Though I send my four troublesome plagues upon Jerusalem: the sword, hunger, perilous beasts, and pestilence, to destroy man and beast out of it: yet shall there be a remnant saved therein, which shall bring forth their sons and daughters. Behold, they shall come forth unto you, and ye shall see their way, and what they take in hand, and ye shall be comforted, as touching all the plagues that I have brought upon Jerusalem, they shall comfort you, when ye see their way and works: and ye shall know, that I have done so against Jerusalem, as I did, saith the Lord God.


*dirth (famine)




Chapter 15

      The word of the Lord came unto me, saying: Thou son of man: What cometh of the vine among all other trees? And of the vine stock among all the other timber of the groove? Do men take wood of it, to make any work withal? Or may there be a nail be made of it, to hang anything upon? Behold it is cast into the fire to be burnt, the fire comsumeth both the ends of it, the midest is burnt to ashes. Is it meat then for any work? No.
      Seeing then, that it was meat for no work, being whole: much less may there anything be made of it, when the fire hath consumed it and burnt it. And therefore thus sayeth the Lord God: Like as I cast the vine into the fire to be burnt, as other trees of the wood: Even so will I do with them that dwell in Jerusalem, and set my face against them: they shall go out from the fire, and yet the fire shall consume them. Then shall ye know, that I am the Lord, when I set my face against them, and make the Land waste: because they have sore offended, sayeth the Lord God.




Chapter 16

      Again, the word of the Lord spake unto me, saying: Thou son of man, show the city of Jerusalem their abominations, and say: thus saith the Lord God unto Jerusalem: Thy progeny and kindred came out of the land of Canaan, thy father was an Amorite, thy mother an Cethite. In the day of thy birth when thou wast born, the string of thy navel was not cut off: , thou wast not bathed in water to make thee clean: thou wast neither rubbed with salt, nor swaddled in clouts: No man regarded that so much, as to do any of these things for thee, or to show thee such favor, but thou was utterly cast out upon the field, yee despised wast thou in the day of thy birth.
      Then came I by thee, and saw thee trodden down in thine own blood, and said unto thee: thou shalt be purged from thine own blood, from thine own blood ( I say ) shalt thou be cleansed. So I planted thee, as the blossom of the field: thou art grown up, and waxen great: thou hast gotten a marvelous pleasant beauty, thy breasts are come up, thy hair is goodly grown, where as thou was naked and bare afore.
       Now when I went by thee, and looked upon thee: behold, thy time was come, yee even the time to vow thee. Then spread I my clothes over thee, to cover thy dishonesty: yee I made an oath unto thee, and married myself with thee ( sayeth the Lord God ) and so thou becamest mine own. Then washed I thee with water, and purged thy blood from thee, I anointed thee with oil, I gave thee change of rayments, I made thee shoes of Tarus leather: I girded thee about with white silk, I clothed thee with kerchues, I decked thee with costly apparel, I put rings upon thy fingers: and chain about thy neck, spangles on thy forehead, earrings upon thine ears, and set a beautiful crown upon thine head. Thus wast thou decked with silver and gold, and thy raiment was of fine white silk, of needle work and diverse colors.
      Thou didst eat nothing but simnels, honey and oil: marvelous goodly wast thou and beautiful, yee even a very Queen wast thou. In so much, that thy beauty was spoken of among the Heathen, for thou was excellent in my beauty, which I put upon thee sayeth the Lord God. But thou hast put confidence in thine own beauty, and played the harlot, when thou haddest gotten thee a name. Thou hast committed whoredom, with all that went by thee, and hast fulfilled their desires: yee thou hast taken thy garments of diverse colors, and decked thine alters therewith, where upon thou mightest fulfill thine whoredom, of such a fashion, as never was done, nor shall be. The goodly ornaments and Jewels which I gave thee of mine own gold and silver, hast thou taken, and made thee mens images thereof, and committed whoredom withal.
      Thy garments of diverse colors hast thou taken, and decked them therewith: mine oil and incense hast thou set before them. My meat which I gave thee, as fimnels, oil and honey: ( to feed thee withal ) that hast thou set before them, for a sweet savior. And this also came to pass, sayeth the Lord God: Thou hast taken thine own sons and daughters, whom thou hast begotten unto me: and these hast thou offered up to them, to be their meat. Is this but a small whoredom of thine ( thinkest thou ) that thou slayest my children, and givest them over, to be burnt unto them? And yet in all thy abominations and whoredom, thou hast not remembered the days of thy youth, how naked and bare thou wast at that time and trodden down in thine own blood. After all these thy wickednesses ( woe, woe unto thee, sayeth the Lord ) thou hast builded up thy*stewes and *brodel houses in every place: yee at the head of every street thou hast *builded an alter. Thou hast made thy beauty to be abhorred, thou hast layed out thy legs to every one that came by, and multiplied thy whoredoms. Thou hast committed fornication with the Egyptians thy neighbors, which had much flesh: and thus hast thou used thine whoredoms, to anger me.
      Behold, I will stretched out my hand over thee, and minished thy store of food, and deliver thee over into the wiles of the Philistines thine enemies, which are ashamed of thy abominable way. Thou hast played the whore also with the Assirians, which might not satisfy thee: Yee, thou hast played the harlot, and not had enough. Thus hast thou committed thy fornication from the land of Canaan unto the Caldees, and yet thy lust not satisfied. Now should I circumcise thine heart ( saith the Lord God) seeing thou doest all these things, thou precious whore: building thy stewes at the head of street, and thy brodel houses in all places? Thou hast not been as another whore, that maketh boast of her winning but as a wife that breaketh wedlock, and taketh other instead of her husband. Gifts are given to all other whores, but thou givest rewards unto all thy lovers: and offerest them gifts, to come unto thee out of all places, and to committee fornication with thee. It is come to pass with thee in thy whoredoms contrary to the use of other women: yee there hath no such fornication been committed after thee, seeing that thou *proffer gifts unto other, and no regard is given thee: this is a contrary thing.
      Moreover, I will judge thee as a breaker of wedlock and a murderer, and recompense thee thine own blood in wrath and jealousy. I will give thee over to their power, that shall break down thy stewes, and destroy thy brodel houses: they shall strip thee out of thy clothes, all thy fair and beautiful jewels shall they take from thee, and so let the sit naked and bare: yee they shall bring the common people upon thee, which shall stone thee, and slay thee down with their swords. They shall burn up thy houses, and punish thee in the sight of many women. Thus will I make thy whoredom to cease, sop that thou shalt give out no more rewards.
      Should I make my wrath to be still, take my jealousy from thee, be content, and no more to be displeased? Seeing thou remembered not the days of thy youth, but provoked me to wrath in all these things? Behold therefore, I will bring thy own ways upon thine head, saith the Lord God: how be it, I never did unto thee, according to thy wickedness and all thy abominations. Behold, all they that use common proverbs, shall use this proverb also against thee: such a mother, such a daughter.
      Thou art even thy mothers own daughter, that hath cast off her husband and her children: Yee thou art the sister of thy sisters, which forsook their husbands and their children. Your mother is an Cethite, and your father an Amorite. Thine eldest sister is Samaria, she and her daughters that dwell upon thy left hand.
      But thy youngest sister that dwelleth on thy right hand, is Sodoma and her daughters. Yet hast thou not walked after their ways, nor done after their abominations: but in all thy ways thou hast been more corrupt than they. As truly as I live, saith the Lord God, Sodoma thy sister with her daughters hath not done so evil, as thou and thy daughters. Behold, the sins of thy sister Sodoma, were these: Pride, fullness of meat, and abundance and Idleness: these things had she and in her daughters. Besides that they reached not their hand to the poor and needy, but were proud and did abominable things before me: therefore I took them away, when I seen it. Neither hath Samaria done half of thy sins, yee thou hast exceeded them in wickedness: In so much that in comparison of all the abominations which thou hast done, thou has made thy sisters good women.
      As for their captivity, namely the captivity of Sodoma and her daughters: the captivity of Samaria and her daughters: I will bring them again, so will I also bring again thy captive among them: that thou mayest take thine own confusion upon thee, and be ashamed of all that thou hast done, and to comfort them. Thus thy sisters ( namely ) Sodoma and her daughters: Samaria and her daughters with thy self and thy daughters, shall be brought again to your old estate. When thou was in thy pride, and before thy wickedness came to light: thou wouldest not hear speak of thy sister Sodoma, until the time that the Syrians with all their towns, and the Philistines, with all that live round about them, brought thee to shame and confusion: that thou mightest bare thine own filthiness and abomination, saith the Lord.
      For thus saith the Lord God: I should ( by right ) deal with thee as thou hast done. Thou hast despised the oath and broken the covenant. Nevertheless, I will remember the covenant that I made with thee in thy youth, in so much that it shall be an everlasting covenant: so that thou also remember thy ways, and be ashamed of them: then shalt thou receive of me thy elder and younger sisters, whom I will make thy daughters, and that besides thy covenant. And so I will renew my covenant with thee, that thou mayest know that I am the Lord: That thou mayest think upon it, be ashamed, and excuse thine own confusion no more: when I have forgiven thee, all that thou hast done, saith the Lord God.


*stewes=Middle English stewen, to bathe in a steam bath, see also a place of male whores: 1st Kings 14.      *brodel= A house of prostitution. *proffer (to offer for acceptance of )


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